Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This sucks . . .

So school as officially started, and I am still without a teaching job. I had four interviews this summer, and I have thus far recieved three rejection letters. The fourth school started today, so I am guessing they are just late in sending their letter. This means that unless something miraculous happens I am destined to another ten months, of substitute teaching. I really hate substiuting, it sucks. I hate the way that all teachers assume I am incompetent and do not know the first thing about teaching, I hate that I really have no real power or control over the students and that is accompined by a feeling complete helplessness, and I hate a temporary and meaningless it feels.
I guess the bright spot is I am still doing the youth ministry thing and that is going great, and I love it. I just desperatly wished they paid me more so I could be fully devoted to that.
This is further complicated by the fact that I know there is a very high chance that another local church is going to be having a youth minister opening. I also know that this church pays over double what I am getting now. This further sucks, because I would love to apply for the job and get paid what i want to be paid doing what I want to do, but that would be very unfair to Old Capitol. Since we just started a special youth-focused worship service 3 months ago, and we are getting ready to start a Friday night program. Also, I still feel that Old Capitol is where God wants me. I just wish there could be some way out of substitute teaching . . .


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