Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Life Update and Sean the soundtrack

It has been a good while since I posted a meaningful blog so here is a brief rundown of what I have going on:
1. School's out for summer and for the first time in my life I got straight A's. Hoo-rah!
2. I am less than two weeks from hyper busyness: 1st week of June is the Sr. high mission trip, 2nd week is Fish Fry (a huge deal), 3rd week is Jr. High trip, and 4th week is VBS.
3. However, right now youth group is at a lull (b/c of all that other stuff I just mentioned, there won't be a youth group meeting for a month), and with out class work I have a LOT of extra free time. This means I have been playing more video games than usual, which is good because for three weeks I have the opportunity to play a public Halo 3 beta. Now I could do something productive like clean, write the great American novel, or cure cancer. However, instead I think I will write a fun blog (complete with links and embedded video!)

I ask a lot of random questions. I think I always have. I will be sitting doing anything, and random questions just come to me. One of the more recent (and more random) questions I spontaneously asked Abigail was "If there was a soundtrack for your life, music that defined who you are as a person, what songs would be on it?" We spent the next hour having a good conversation about what songs would be on her album. Since then I have been thinking about what would be on my soundtrack. I am not a big music person (being tone deaf and not being able to hear beats causes that) but it is true that music speaks to everyone on different levels. I came up with ten songs that I feel that I strongly identify with. More importantly, these songs I think identify me in some aspect. When appropriate, I made the title a link to the lyrics. So kick back, read over this list and please let me know what you think. Do you think these songs should be on the soundtrack for "Sean."

1. Imperial March

Obviously, in a soundtrack for me a Star Wars song would have to be on there, and Imperial March has been my favorite. I have been told that I make a "good bad guy", but the truth is I always want to be the good guy, the hero, the noble crusader, etc. BUT if I ever were to be evil, I think I would be the kind of fallen hero that Darth Vader is, and crushing people with the full might of a fleet of Star Destroyers or a force choke would totally be my style.

2.We Shall Overcome
For better or worse one of the defining aspects of my personality is that when I commit to something, I REALLY commit something. Not only do I go all or nothing but I am very passionate about the things I hold important. This song sort of speaks to that. Also, I think everyone has a driving song. A song that when they hear it while behind a wheel, they feel compelled to turn it up LOUD and drive faster. For me this is that song.

3. Flake
Some people are always happy-go lucky, and while I would say I am fairly easy going and never really depressed, I do sometimes want to do nothing else but sit in a dark room and brood (not that there is anything wrong with that). I don't really every get truly emo some My Chemical Romance will not be found on this soundtrack. However, this song has a light brooding quality about it that I can go for, and it has one of the most true lyrics ever sung in a song: "It seems to me that maybe
It pretty much always means no."

4. I will Be Here
I suppose this is a bit of an unoriginal song to include because every year countless newlyweds make it "their song", but just about four years ago Abigail and I were one of those countless couples! So despite the slightly cliche' quality of it, this is still a must have song for my soundtrack because it is true. In sickness or health, or for better or worse, I confidently feel that I can always tell my wife that I will be Here :)

5. Blessed Be Your Name
This is my absolute favorite modern worship song, and I think I like it for the same reason as the previous song. It is a song for the long term. No matter what happens in life, no matter how good it is or no matter how bad it is, I want to be able to say to God blessed be your name.

6.Halo Theme Song

Just like there has to be a Star Wars song on this list, there has to be a video game song as well, and I think the Halo theme is one of the best choices for me (and the version in the youtube video is my absolute favorite recording of the song ever). I really like how this song sounds a bit reflective and melancholy while still calling forth adrenaline. I think if every time in my life that it is "cruch-time" this song should start playing!

7. In the Light
This song, more than any other song created, fits me. Seriously, I feel as if I could have wrote those EXACT same lyrics. "I want to be in the light as you are in the light" is more or less a daily prayer for me.

8. At Least I am Not Like all those other old guys
Abigail says this song is so me, and I can see where she is coming from. I do identify with it a lot. I realize that the song is a parody, but as I become older there will defiantly be friction between what I like, what I listen to, and what i think is fun compared to what adults are "suppose" to like, listen to, and find fun. I don't have a degree in science but I will always raise my fit in defiance.

9. Be Thou My Vision

Specifically, it has to be a version that strongly recalls the song's Celtic roots. The lyrics on their own are amazingly beautiful on their own, but it is the tune that really gets me. Hearing this song makes me think of all things in God's glorious creation green, majestic and beautiful. There is defiantly a part of me that is a romantic, and this song brings it out.

10. Simply
The lyrics really say it all. The unfathomable depth, power, and reality of God's love has truly fundamentally altered me as a person, and despite that I need to be reminded that no matter what God simply loves.

That is my sound track, what is yours?


Blogger Adam said...

Mine would definitely have this Sigur Rós song, as it's my favorite music video of all time. There would be some sweet rap song or two, and my fav worship song is Chasing Furies' "I Would Drown."
AND i would need some serious techno: dance (Ultrabeat) & reflective stuff, too.

10:06 PM  

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