Monday, January 02, 2012

Too Many Games!!!

One of things that Abigail and I are going to attempt to do this year is play through all of our games.  Assuming that we do not get any new ones (which since there are two in the mail right now is not going to happen), we have 164 games.  To get them all played by the end of the year requires playing about 13 unique games a month. That should be doable for us.  However, we ideally want to get this done by the end of July.

One of the main reasons why we want to play through all of our games is to identify the games we do not want, so that we can get rid of them.  We want to know what games we are ready to part with by Gen Con so that we can include them in the Gen Con no-ship math trade, or if they do not trade sale them.  To play through all of the games by the end of July requires playing through 23 unique games a month which will be a lot harder!

Harder yet, is that I am hoping to document our attempt to do this.  I plan on blogging about each of our games as we play them, and we have a dedicated blog for this.  So if you are interested in games, bookmark it and follow along:   Too Many Games!!! Blog


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