Friday, August 20, 2004

Mandatory video game post

It has been a while since I have updated what I am currently playing (since I know everyone cares so much). I am getting my old school vibe on with Serious Sam: The Next Encounter. For those unfamilar with Sam, it is a throwback to the origns of FPS games. Enemies come in droves but when I have a mini gun it is all good. I am currently on the last level and it is really hard. I am also playing Parasite Eve. This is an RPG for the original Playstation and I really like it. The battle system is a mix between real time and turn bases that is really cool. I am close to beating it, but I am currently stuck and I fear that I might be painted into an unbeatable corner due to the fact that I am almost out of bullets (and there are none left in the game for me to get). I also started playing Devil May Cry again. This is a game Abigail got me over a year ago, and I started playing it just to get stuck on the first boss and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it. So i started over and this time got by the stupid spider on my first try, and I have advanced rather far in the game.

Speaking of video games, I need to learn how to write a fundraiser letter because in Novemeber the Youth Group is going to do a video game tournament to raise money for Voice of the Matyrs. It should be cool, but I have to get prizes donated first. . .


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I'll tell you this much, comments will be few and far between until you allow anonymous posting.

Anyhoo, is Sam still good? Haven't played TNE (wondered if it would ever even appear)


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