Saturday, June 25, 2005

Scotland Postlude

Leaving Scotland turned out to be a far greater chore than it should have been. First I woke up in the morning with a full blown sinus infection, that I am just now fully getting over. From the moment that we set foot in to the airport in Edinburgh to when we left the airport in Midway, 21 hours had elapsed. The start of the delays began in Edinburgh because when they were loading the plane they found one bag to many, so everyone had to get off the plane and indentify their bags. That took an extra hour and a half. Finally we got up in the air and made it to New Jersey. It was there we sadly found that according to U.S. customs Haggis from Britian is not allowed in the country (though had we mailed the four cans of haggis we would have been just fine). In Newark are plane was dealyed for an hour and half or so. However, when we finally boarded the plane a storm cell was planted right in the departure path and we couldn't leave. So we sat for three hours on a plane waiting to go. Finally we were off and got back to Midway safely. To top it off, I had a job interview the next day, which obviously went well because that is the job I just got!

So for this Celtic room that Abigail is putting together we got several items, so I'll just walk you through the decorations we have for it (either already had) or bought in Scotland. On the wall will be several items. First there will be the Cross of St. Andrew flag that Abigail got for me the first time she went to Scotland. Then we got a map of Scotland that is designed to look 1500-1600ish that we will frame and hang. There will also be the Stewart family crest (which Abigail got from her deceased grandfather) with a sword hanging over it. We got a small wall hanging of the celtic trinty symbol, and finally on the wall will be the picture that we decide to blow up and frame. As far as other decorative items go, we got a Steward tartin blanket (Abigail already has one) and we are going to use those has covering cloths for nightstands. We got two candle holders with Celtic designs (because we have near unlimited supply of candles from the wedding it seems), a decorative chess set (my main addition to the room), and 2 picture frames. The final piece is a lamb skin rug.

And that ends the daily Scotland updates, I will now resume the normal random and spastic update schedule.


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