Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scotland Day 7

This was probably one of our most low key days. The MackBackpackers bus was not going to be to Skye until 1:30 (though it really did not show up till two). So we once again got to sleep in. However, unlike Pitlochery, Kyleakin did not have many shops for Abigail to go into in the morning, so instead we took a walk behind the town through the salt marshes, Image hosted by Photobucket.comand then we ate lunch. After that we had nothing else to do but wait, so we ended up waiting for about an hour, and then the bus came and we were off. The first stop was at Elian Dohn Castle. The most photographed castle in Scotland (and also one of the least real because the building that currently stands was built in the 1920's). Image hosted by Photobucket.com
From the castle there was an amazing drive through the rugged highlands, that led to a stop over Loch Garry. Now this Loch has something special about it, before scrolling down see if you can notice
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Figure it out? The loch is in the shape of Scotland. After this we drove along Loch Lochy while being told about the Battle of Shirts, where 800 clansman clashed in a clan argument, and it was so hot that they took off their shirts to fight. Only 11 surived and both sides claim victory. Definalty an excercise in futility. Anway, that same area is also where the British Commandos (WWII special forces) trained, and they built a monument to them out in the middel of nowhere.
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From there we rolled into Fort William, which is the "outdoor capital of Europe" mostly because it lies in the shadows of Ben Nevis, Britian's highest mountain.
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Now upon seeing this picture my sister said that it looke like something out of Braveheart, and that is because it is! Braveheart (and Rob Roy) were filmed in Glen Nevis. Once we were all checked in at Fort William we took a wonderful river side walk that ended at Inverlochy Castle. This old Castle was definatly built as a fortication. It was four towers connected by walls, and it use to have a moat.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We walked back, and went down High street (the city center) Most things were closed but we found a restraunt to eat at, where I got to have Haggis again. From there we basically called it a night, and got to see an amazing sunset.
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