Monday, December 03, 2007

Itunes (the one and only volume)

It appears that my brother occasionally has a good idea (who knew?). He gave a full briefing (four complete post as a matter of fact) on his Itunes library and habits. Abigail and I share our Ipod, which means the music collection is ridiculously diverse. It might be the only ipod in the world where a song from The Phantom of the Opera could conceivably be followed by an obscure hardcore band. Our complete Ipod music collection is 2,851 songs big. This clocks in at 7.7 days and a sizable 10.27 gigs. Usually when I listen to the Ipod (which I often do when driving back and forth from Seminary) I listen to a playlist I titled "Absolute Favorites". This playlist comes in at 350 Songs, all of which I like so I am always listening to a song I like. Many of the top songs in this list are songs that Abigail also likes, and she has a tendency to listen to the same song over and over and over and over . .. (you get the picture). Anyway, to completely rip off the brilliance of my brother's post I am going to share the top 25 songs from this play list. The number in the parentheses is the playcount.

1. Our Great God-Todd Agnew (44): Abigail bought this song less than a month ago, and she has already listened to it more than any other song we own.

2. Wholly Yours-David Crowder Band (42): I posted a blog about this song a while ago, and it is still my absolute favorite song.

3. You Give Love a Bad Name-Blake Lewis (37): I believe the original of this song was by Bon Jovi (?). However, this version is by Blake Lewis of American Idol fame, and once again the high play count is due to Abigail.

4. My Jesus- Todd Agnew (31): This song was bought the same time as Our Great God, and has not been listened to quite as much. It does have an awesome line though, "My Jesus would not be accepted in my church, the blood and dirt on his feet my stain the carpet."

5. Paint it Black-Gina Clocksen (30): This is also an American Idol remake of a classic, and while it might be music heresy, I like this version more than the original.

6. The Wonderful Cross-Stephen Curtis Chapman (30): A wonderful song that updates a Christian classic.

7. Meant to Live-Switchfoot (29): Not only is this a good rock song, but I like the lyrics a lot too.

8. Undignified-David Crowder Band (29): I believe this list will show that I like David Crowder Band a lot. This is a really fun song.

9. Killer Queen-Queen (28): Classic Rock is more my brother's area than mine, but I do like Queen and this is a good one of theirs (though not my favorite)

10. You are So Good to me- Third Day (28): This is a good worship song, and a bit of a rarity as it focuses on all parts of the Trinity equally.

And here is a round up of the rest: 11. Glory Revealed by Candi Pearson Shelton (27) 12. Here is Our King by David Crowder Band (26) 13. Be Thou My Vision by Lifescapes (26) 14. Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew (25) 15. Blessed Be Your Name by Tree 63 (25) 16. Halo Theme: Corpomix by Corporeal (24) 17. Mad World by Michael Andrews (24) 18. Sunday Bloody Sunday by Pillar (24) 19. How You Remind Me by Nickleback (23) 20. How Great Thou Art by Charlie Hall (22) 21. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall (22) 22. Everything by Pillar (22) 23. Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen (22) 24. Puppet by Thousand Foot Krutch (22) 25. Home by Daughtry (22)


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