Thursday, August 16, 2007

One from the Archives

Two days, two post. Something this crazy has not happened since some sort of long lost golden age of Internet lore, or something like that. Anyway, in "my documents" I found a file that is now pushing about 6 months old. Essentially at one point I had told the Confirmation class I would answer any question they had about anything, and only one person took me up on it. He asked for eight reasons why I would or would not vote for Hillary Clinton. Some of the reasons are slightly out of date (like the one about Evan Bayh, who isn't going to run), but I still stand by all of them, and I so very much do not want to see her even get the nomination. I find it ridiculous how much time, money and effort is being spent to prepare for an election that is over 14 months away, but at the same time if once the dust settles after the primaries and the presidential election is between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani then I am going to go find a very dark, dark place to cry and exercise my right NOT to vote. When the evils to choose from are that diabolical, then picking the lesser of the two is really just an exercise in futility. Anyway, here are the reasons why I will for sure not vote for Hillary Clinton:

1. Hillary Clinton supports anti-videogame legislation. She co-authored a bill that would make selling rated M video games to minors an offense that would carry incredibly high fines. In addition, video games with a rated M designation would have to be isolated behind the counter. In essence, video games that are less violent and disturbing that some classic literary works (such as 1984, Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Flies) would be treated like pornography. I disagree with this because it violates the first amendment (States have tried to pass similar laws and the supreme courts have knocked them down), it treats video games as something vulgar, and it makes the government do the job of parents.

2. She is a carpetbagger. Hillary Clinton is not from New York. She hired the best minds to figure out what state she would have the best chance to be elected in, and moved there. Elected representatives are suppose to be people who genuinely represent their constituency, not transplants who just want to get elected.

3. If she is elected Evan Bayh, won’t be. I really like both Senators from Indiana, and word has it that both are looking to run in 2008. I would much rather see Bayh get the democratic nomination over Clinton.

4. She is a media junkie. It does not matter what channel you turn to, it seems that Hillary Clinton is on it. News media is a very powerful force, and I am very hesitant of any person who purposely over-exposes themselves. It often means that person has an agenda and they are trying to use the news media to manipulate me.

5 and 6. This is my biggest reason for not wanting to see Hillary Clinton elected, so big in fact that I am counting it for two. I perceive Hillary Clinton as being incredibly fake. I get the impression from her that she is a politician through and through; to the point that her moral compass is not dictated by what she believes but by what will give her the most public approval points. There are a lot of points of disagreement I have with the current president, but he comes across as genuinely believing in what he is doing-and I respect him for that. It takes a lot of guts to stick to what you believe is right when almost 70% of the country disagrees with you. I do not think Hilary Clinton will do that. She will do what is ever in the best political interest for her. I want to vote for a president who I not only agree with, but who I know will fight hard for what they believe.

7. I don’t want to listen to all of the jokes. I have absolutely nothing against having a woman for president. However, all of the late night talk show people will tell joke after joke that is related to the fact that the president is a woman, and I am fairly sure that I will grow tired of those within like one week (if you can not tell I am running out of reasons).

8. My final reason why I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton elected president is because I am secretly hoping that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert announce they are running together and that they win.


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