Monday, December 17, 2007

A new Legend of Rock

Instructions: Go to Wikipedia and hit 'random article.' This is the name of your band. Hit it again. This is the name of your album. Do this 15 more times for the names of each track on your album.

Band Name: USS Lady of the Lake
Album Name: Lexicon Universale

Track List:
1. Bosc Pear
2. Penpol
3. Secure Electronic Transaction
4. 17th United States Congress
5. 1884 in Mexico
6. Fairport Harding High School
7. Joins (Concurrency Library)
8. Economic Zones of Russia
9. Sumgait Massacre
10. Stockade
11. Desmond Flower
12. Jackson Township
13. The Simpsons (Season 17)
14. Sutton Palace
15. List of Brightest Stars

I am not really sure what kind of band this would be, but I am 100% positive that their songs are extremely political and full of all kinds of unkind sarcasm and irony.


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