Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last one for a while . . .

post about board games that is, not post in general. I have been a rather prolific blogger this week, and I would like to keep that up. However, a week later I am still glowing from Gen-con, and I will try to make this my last board game related post for a while (instead I will go back to video game ones!) ;)

So, Abigail and I have played through the three things I bought at Gen-Con, and the good news is that they were more less successful purchases. Adventurer is a game that Abigail might like more than me. It is a quick and easy game, but still fun and fairly unique. Dracula's Revenge, which I got because it was only $5, turned out not to be that bad. At first the rules seem needlessly complex, but after playing it I found out they were not. The game is a game of hunter and hunted (or cat and mouse, only the mouse is stronger than the cat) that is very deadly. There is a lot of positioning and intentional movement in this game. The way the game plays also fits the setting, which is vampire hunting in Victorian England. Abigail started off disliking the game, but by the end she had warmed up to it. The final purchase I made last week was a Battlelore expansion called Call to Arms. Battlelore typically uses a scenario set up, but this expansion makes it so the players get to have some decisions in what units they use and where they go. I very much liked and so did Abigail.

So you may have noticed that all of the links go back to This was a website that I had a decent amount of involvement in back in college, but fell out of in the 18 months I lived without broadband. Since, like most of us, I have strong consumer tendencies, seeing all the games at Gen Con and browsing the site has made me want to buy some new games. So what follows are the top five games I want to get, along with the probability of actually getting it.

5. Descent: Journey into Dark
Chance of actually getting: 33%
What it is: I think I mentioned a while ago that I would like a dungeon crawling board game. It appears that Descent is the best one available. The problem is that the game requires one person to be in charge of the dungeon, while other players are the heroes. This is problematic because it is not well suited to just two players.

4. Arkham Horror
Chance of actually getting: 55%
What it is: Every time I get a chance to wonder into the board game store, I pick this box up and look at it. Arkham Horror is a co-operative game, so it is players (or player as it can be played solitaire) vs. the game itself. I like the idea of being on the same team with Abigail, and I like the pulp-horror setting.

3. Halo Interactive Strategy Game

Chance of actually getting: 40%
What it is: It is a board game that simulates Halo multiplayer battles. And that last sentence is the most awesome sentence I have ever typed. The problem is that the initial impressions is the game is a little simple (which is not a terrible thing) and over-prices (which is a terrible thing). When three of the other games on this list are the same price or cheaper for "more game" it is a harder sale. However it is still a Halo board game.

2. A Game of Thrones: Living Card Game
Chance of getting: 50%-100%
What it is: First the reason for the variable percentage. I know that in September I am buying a game, and it is this one or the next one. I just don't know which. I love the idea of collectible, customizable games. However, I learned from experience that they are money pits, and the system benefits those who spend the most. This game breaks that cycle. Next month the starter set comes out, which includes four decks. Then every month after that a 40 card expansion comes out. So instead of buying multiple packs of random cards, I only have to buy one thing a month to have all the cards in the game. That is incredible. The biggest problem with this game is that I am not 100% Abigail will play it.

1. Call of Duty Real Time Card Game
Chance of getting: 50%-100%
What it is: Now this game I did play at Gen Con and I liked it. This game is also customizable and deals with fixed decks. When it comes down to it, I think I would personally enjoy Game of Thrones more, because it will have more depth of strategy. However, my wife (and primary partner to play games) will like this one more.


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