Thursday, August 07, 2008

10 Good Reasons

So a couple of weeks ago, my dad casually mentioned that my mom would not let him get an Xbox. I don't know if he was serious or not, and I don't honestly know if he actually wants an Xbox. However, the thought of being able to play a game over Live with my brother and dad is a neat one. Thus, for the sake of argument I will assume that he is being serious. What follows are ten game recommendations for my dad. The way I figure it, he will only play casually so only having five solid game choices (let alone 10) should be enough to make a compelling argument and cement the deal. To strengthen the case the games are listed in the most dramatic descending order possible.

10. Tiger Woods Golf I have never played the game, because sports games are not my thing . .. especially golf. However, I have it on good authority that this is the best golf game available, and the controls are very intuitive so that actual golf skills can translate into being decent at the game.

9. Carcassone My dad has never played this board game, but he has played Catan, and this game is in the same vein (i.e. German Board Game). The added bonus to this is that my brother and I already have this one.

8. Tetris Evolution/Splash Waaay back in the day (as in when the original Nintendo was the newest system available) my dad played a lot of Tetris, and he was good at it. I remember spending a long time watching him trying to beat "B mode" only to find out it goes on forever. That is just the way of Tetris. However, achievements really breathe new life into this game. Tetris has two version for the 360. A disc based version and a download version. In either event it is still Tetris.

7. Poker Smash So it is a widely held opinion that the best Tetris like game ever is called Planet Puzzle League. This game takes the same gameplay of poker. Thus to eliminate blocks players still line up three of a kind, but they can also play poker hands (straights, full house, flush,etc) to get even more points. Outside of Portal this is probably the best puzzle game I have played.

6. Texas Hold'em Iknow my dad has played some gambling video games on the PC, so Texas Hold'em is a good fit. There is always a table available on Live, and this would be a good game for us all to play together.

5. NASCAR 09 My dad likes NASCAR, and it is my understanding that this is the best NASCAR game available on the consoles. When the pros, play the video games to get a feel for the track (which they do) then you know the game is very accurate.

4. Catan My dad regularly plays the board game the Settlers of Catan as it is. However, for only $10 to play Catan against real people whenever one wants is an incredible value. This would also be a good game for everyone to play together.

3-1. Madden 09 Collector's Edition This counts for three because the collector's edition actually contains three games. Back in the day (most SNES and Sega CD) my dad played a lot of video game football. Madden 09 is the best looking football game ever made (my magazine told me so). It also has three distinct levels of difficulty for players at various skill levels, so it can help him ease back into it. So the base game is #3. The Collector's Edition also contain Madden 93 with modern rosters. Mid-90 Madden's is what my dad played the most of, so he should be right at home with this one. The final full game this package includes is NFL Headcoach which is a full coaching simulator. He has played several of these on the PC, and this is one that will actually look pretty.

To give a few extra good reasons, half of the games on the list are only $10 downloads. Madden 09 Collector's edition is $90, but considering that buying Madden 09 and Head Coach separately is $110, it is a good deal.

Thus, if my dad happened to just love all 10 of these reasons and bought an Xbox 360 the total cost for the entire list, a console, and a year of live would be $520.

So Dad, if you were serious I hope this helps give you good reasons. And in the outside event you do get an Xbox, let me know what game(s) you get because I will make sure that I get it as well.


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