Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Perfect Halloween

I suppose I should point out that technically it should not be considered "perfect" because there was not a single kid who came by trick or treating, but other than that it was great.

The evening started with a going to Chipolte for a free burrito. They were doing a promotion that if you came dressed as a burrito then you got one. So I made a tinfoil hat, and we were off. Then we got back and we played Zombies. I have been able to convince several people to play this game over the years, and I really like it. In Zombies the goal is to escape a town that is being over-run with the walking dead. In a typical game of Zombies it can be a tad drawn out as it winds down to a really exciting end game. Earlier this week we bought an expansion for the game called "School's Out Forever". This expansion really helped make the game play better. The map was smaller and really did feel a bit like a college campus, and the game played a lot quicker but still had a lot of zombie goodness.

While we were playing this game we also watched X-Files. We watched one episode that appropriately enough involved a soul sucking monster that turned people into zombies. The second episode was very Halloween-ish as it involved an evil doll that caused people to kill themselves.

The Halloween themed fun was finished off by playing some horror themed Halo. One of the game types in Halo is called Infection where a couple of people start as "zombies" and when ever a zombie gets a kill that person comes back as a Zombie. Because it was Halloween they had specially created maps for this game type, including one that was black and white to give a classic Rommero feel

It was a good time :)


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