Monday, October 05, 2009

Zombie Day 2009 Recap

This past weekend Zombieland came out and my brother and I had plans to see it. However, these plans quickly grew from seeing a movie to a full on celebration of the undead, and thus Zombie day is born. Here is a recap of how we celebrated Zombie Day:

After getting some food (sadly I didn't know of any place local that served brain sandwiches), we started with some Left 4 Dead. This is THE zombie video game, that is all about playing well with others to survive Zombie hordes and infected with mean special abilities. Using the power of the internet we hooked up with someone else we knew who was unable to come up for Zombie Day but still wanted to take part. Left 4 Dead recently had a new level come out for download so we played that.
We played through co-operatively first and beat the level. We then tried it in versus, which is were one team plays as survivors and the other as Zombies. This did not go so well. In fact we got absolutly destroyed.

After that, my brother and I switched to another video game, Zombie Apocalypse. This is simple yet satisfying game that involves fighting wave after wave of Zombies

From there it was time to go see Zombieland.

This movie was absolutly incredible, in that it did everything right, and quite honestly it is hard to do Zombie movies right. This is because Zombies are really a setting for a movie. So the movie has to still stand as a good movie in whatever genre it is in (which fro Zombieland was clearly comedy). A good Zombie movie also has to make good use of the Zombies, which this one did. Finally, a good zombie movie in some way explores the human condition, by focusing on what makes us human (either the good or the bad) in a world that has gone dead. Zombieland does all of this well. Plus, Woody Harrelson plays one of the most fun to watch characters who may have ever been created. Abigail, who normally roles her eyes when it comes to Zombies even liked it.

After the mandatory Noble Romans deep dish Sicilian (aka the best pizza ever), we continued by taking on some 19th century Zombies in A Touch of Evil. This is a board game where everyone controls a hero and strives to be the person who defeats the evil villain and save the town of Shadowbrook. For this game the villain was the Necromancer, who had an army of zombies fighting for him.

After that we played a quick dice game called "Mmm. . .Brains!"
Theoretically this game is about Zombies collecting brains and then eating them. However it is a seriously stretched theme and the game is really about rolling dice. However, it is Zombie themed so it counts!
Zombie day ended with a little bit more Left 4 Dead and my brother being gracious enough to try a rough prototype of my own Zombie game.

We only began to scratch the surface of what could be done on Zombie day. Video game wise, we could have played Nazi Zombies, Resident Evil 5 co-op or rented a House of the Dead Wii game. When it comes to table top games we did not play Zombies!!!, Humans!!!, Last Night on Earth ,or Zombie Fluxx.

Plus, in theory by the end of the month I will be receiving in the mail All Things Zombie the boardgame, which is suppose to be the definitive Zombie game.

With all that potential, maybe Zombie Day should happen more than once a year. . .


Blogger Corey said...

I'm all in favor of more Zombie Days. Hopefully next time I can make it to join you all, and have a full day of brainy goodness. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it.

12:59 PM  

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