Monday, January 28, 2013

The Odds and Ends Blog Post

I have had several blog posts ideas, and I have even started some of them, but I felt kind of "blah" about all of them.  So instead I am just going to hit the high points.   So here are the things that are on my mind right now.

1.  Star Trekking Across the Universe! 
All of last year was a slow but steady increase in my interest in Star Trek.  While I was always a casual Next  Generation fan my interest in Star Trek has increased to the point where I would say it is something I officially geek out about.  My interest in Star Trek was fueled by three things.  In 2011, I got a DVD that had over 500 Star Trek comics on them.  Throughout 2012, I read these comics.   The second thing that really fueled this is Federation Commander.  As I have mentioned previously, I really love this game about starship combat, and I seriously can not play it enough.  My interest in the game has really fueled my overall interest in Star Trek.  The final thing that has really helped is the fact that all Star Trek episodes are on Netflix.  What makes this especially nice is that Abigail has started enjoying them with me.   Since October/November I have been watching Deep Space Nine.  Recently, Abigail has also gotten into the show as well.  Recently, she also watched an original series episode and she enjoyed that as well.  This will probably continue throughout 2013, because after we finish Deep Space Nine, I want to finish all of the original series which I have only been watching periodically.  I also plan on playing a lot of Federation Commander this year (I seriously, can not emphasize how much I ALWAYS want to play that game).  Finally, I have made it my tradition to run a role playing game at Gen Con.  The event that I submitted for this year, is a Star Trek RPG where the players will be an away team from the Armstrong surveying a new world, only to encounter Romulans!  

2.  Reading a lot this year
One of my plans for this year was to read more.  I took steps towards this in December by getting several books for Christmas.  I already read one of these books.  I read Red Harvest, a Star Wars Zombie book.  I still have several books to read.  This includes a steam punk book, the latest book in the Game of Throne series, a highly recommended sci-fi epic, and a Halo novel.  I hope to finish these books in the first 6 months of the year.

3.  A lot of time sitting.  . .
I have not written about this, but I recently had knee surgery.  I have a torn meniscus, and it turned out to be torn worse than thought.  As of right now I have to stay off my leg completely, and it could be that way for quite some time.  I am already a little annoyed by having to use crutches, but it will all be better eventually.


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