Monday, October 07, 2013

An Almost Sports Fan

I am really not that big of a sports fan.  I will casually play just about any sport, but I am not that big on watching sports.  For me both baseball and football are too slow.  Basketball (especially NBA) is just not interesting to me, and I suppose I could say the same about hockey.  They just are not my thing.  However, there are some sports that I do like, and I could see myself really getting into if I knew how to.  So here are the sports that I am almost a fan of.

I really do enjoy soccer.  It is a great team game that has a good mix of teamwork and shows of individual skill. When a team sets up an attack on goal, it is exciting, and  at 90 minutes, the game is also the perfect length.  Sadly most American do not agree with me.  There are dedicated networks for Soccer, but we do not have cable, and network coverage of MLS is spotty at best.  Right now, my soccer watching is mostly restricted to the World Cup and Olympics.  However, this is a sport I could find myself enjoying more.

Roller Derby
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So in fairness, I have only watched Roller Derby once, but  I found it a lot of fun.  Earlier this year, we did get Impact City Roller Derby, a board game on the sport. Playing that game has opened up my appreciation for this unique sport that is both fast paced and physical.  Roller Derby is very much not main stream, so the only way to watch it is to go to bouts.  Unfortunately it seems the local team seems to play somewhat irregularly, and it seems they only play when I can not make it.

Rally Racing
So honestly I find NASCAR a little boring.  It is all left turns and it seems like only a few of the hundreds of laps seem to really matter.  Plus it seems like pit strategy is more important than on the track racing at times.  Road course racing like IRL or Formula 1 is a little better, but it is still a little boring because passing is so irregular.  I like Rally Racing though because it is always exciting.  Even though there is no passing, the drivers compete on technically challenging courses at insane speeds.  The racing is time trials and the drivers all push it as hard as possible, so there is always tension if they can keep control of the car.  While Rally racing is an international sport, it is not an American sport and it is even harder to find and follow than soccer.

So those are the sports that I could be a fan of.  Do you know how I can follow them better?


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