Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Life Happened

Just over a year ago I blogged the following (my old blog which died has been resurrected in the depths of the internet):
I remember seeing a sarcasim filled list in September that was labeled ten thing they don't teach you in school. Most of the items were things like "Unlike teachers, your boss demands you do your own work" and other things of that nature. However, one item on that list that really stuck with me was one that read "Life isn't divided into semesters and you don't get a new life every six months." This is frightenly true, and a big adjustment. Ever since I have comprehended the idea of time my life has been divided into semesters, and this always left an end goal and a new beginning. Now life just flows.

I was wrong, life doesn't just flow seemingly from one day to another. Life happens. It can happen in the day to day events, in the oppotunities that are taken (or made), and events completely out of our control can propel our lives in amazing new directions. This has happened enough times to me in just the short time I have been alive that when the these unexpected things I should be prepared to deal with the, but I often find the opposite to be true.

Now I know that I have really been leading up to insinuating something like the news of having a baby is coming (don't worry it isn't .. . yet), but unfortuantly what has happened is nothing that happy (or that big actually). No, the "big news" I have refferenced a few times is this:
As of tomorrow I will no longer be working at Old Capitol UMC. Yes, I know that a few of the readers here already knew that, but many did not. Without giving out all of the details, I became a victim of church politics. I moved the youth ministry, in what I believe to be God-inspired directions that some members of the church had real problems with. Sadly, they never fully communicated their displeasure to me. Instead, resentment grew and grew and then finally burst. My options really became two. 1) Fight back against people who were out for my job and cause division within the church and mostl likely lose the fight or 2) Quietly and peacefully resign and go out on top. I chose the latter, because for the church as congregation it is probably for the best (now it may not be best for the teens, that remains to be seen).

To answer questions that will be asked: No, I don't know what I am doing next. I still strongly feel that God has called me to youth ministry. Last week I interviewed with another church in the area, and I am in contact with a church in Indianapolis. The cool thing is that both of these churches contacted me. Unless I hear back from the church in Corydon before I leave for Scotland (only 4 days!!!), then I should assume I will be unemployed. Now, I guess that should bother me, but through this whole ordeal over the past three weeks, I have had an amazing, God-sent peace about the whole thing. I know that my Creator and Substatiner has my back, and I am on to better things whatever they may be. I just need to be patient, faithful, and wait for life, or more appropriatly: God, to happen.


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