Saturday, June 11, 2005

And We are back!

We got back to Corydon today. After traveling to Scotland, seeing 15 castles, being in airports or airplanes for 21 hours on our way back, and being gone for two whole weeks we finally made it back. Everything is just as we left it for the most part. The fish beat the crap out of each other while we were gone. The biggest vacation feeder we could find was 10 days, so we got that and put in in right before they left, but that left them four days or so without food. They resorted to canbalism and nibbled at each other's tails. though they are all alive, so that is a good thing. we took aprox. 750 pictures while over in Scotland, and hopefully starting tomorrow you will get to see some of them along with a blow by blow account of our travels.


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