Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top Five Movies of 2007

Two post in one day! w00t! (that would be an unnecessary use of Webster's 2007 word of the year by the way)
So it turns out that I only watched 21 movies that came out that year. While that seems like a big number on paper, I suspect that in comparison to the average it isn't. Heck, I bet my sister bought 21 movies that came out this year. By my count I only stepped into a movie theater five times this year. I guess this mean that I do not watch a whole lot of movies. This year might be a fluke because I did end up watching five seasons worth of 24 throughout the year. A typical top ten list seems a bit much since that would constitute half of the movies I watched so we will just narrow it down to the top five. Once again in a dramatic descending order:

5. Sicko
When it comes to politics I know that I fall in a very messy middle, but Michael Moore movies always pull me a little bit further to the left. I realize that Sicko is very biased and is created to argue a very well constructed case, but it does it well. Universal Health Care may not be as rosy as this movie paints it, but I am fairly confident now that our current insurance system is broken and borderline evil. Even if you hate Michael Moore this movie is worth watching.

4. The Simpsons Movie
Many think the Simpsons have lost their edge, but I am more inclined to believe that American culture just surpassed them. The Simpsons never ceased to be a family sitcom, jut an irreverent one. While this movie is full of very Simpson-esque visual gags, quips, and family dysfunction it is still a family film, and a fairly decent but silly one.

3. Live Free or Die Hard
It is amazing how far Die Hard has changed. John McClain has steadily changed from an unlucky "everyman" to a certified, cliche action hero. That does not change the fact that this is a very fun movie that is just as funny as it is cool.

2. Hot Fuzz
I really like the sense of humor displayed by the people who made this movie (same ones that made Shaun of the Dead). Shaun of the Dead took a Zombie movie and infused it with comedy, and this does the same thing with action movies for great hilarity.

1. 300
This is one of the coolest action movies I have seen. I really like the art style, and it has been a really, really long time (maybe since The original Matrix) that there has been a movie that I have wanted to watch over and over again like this one.
Plus I really like this youtube video:


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