Friday, June 12, 2009

All Things Zombie

So Abigail insist that I am fully obsessed with Zombies. As someone who knows what obsession is, I know that is not true. However, she is accurate in observing that my interest in all things Zombies has increased a bit over the past several months. I have always been a casual Zombie fan, but playing Left 4 Dead moved that up a notch. Here is all the ways I have used Zombies to entertain myself since November of 2008.

Video Games
Left 4 Dead: This is really what kicked off wanting more Zombies. Left 4 Dead is an incredible game, where four people try to survive through five acts of zombies. The game captures the Zombie feeling really well, and the versus mode may be the most fun I have ever had playing any video game ever. How much time i have played this game is one of the reasons why Abigail now thinks that I am "obsessed with Zombies. My Xbox 360's blog shows that I have played this game on 44 days, and I imagine each day probably averages at least an hour of play.

Call of Duty: World at War: Call of Duty is a World War II game, but it has an excellent little mini game called Nazi Zombies. The idea is up to four players see how long they can survive against waves of Nazi Zombies. In short bursts, this is a lot of fun. This game has seen two map packs now, and each map pack has added a new Nazi Zombie level, and each level has become more complex. I also downloaded a "Nazi Zombies" theme to decorate my Xbox dashboard with.

Shellshock 2: Trail of Blood: I rented this game a few weeks ago. It is a vietnam war game with Zombies. As far as games go it was not the greatest, but it allowed me to shoot Zombies and that was fun. However, I reached a part where it really seems like I did not have enough bullets to make it through. Message boards informed me that i had reached the first of three super frustrating parts, so I kind of gave it up there.


Dead Meat Using Netflix I have watched several Zombie movies. This one is a low budget movie from Ireland that I enjoyed a lot. It is a decent "B movie" with a few parts that are so bad they are good. Plus one of the actors has a heavy accent and every time he said a certain four letter word it was funny.

Night of the Living Dead: Previously I have watched several Zombie movies, but I never watched the classic. Despite laughable effects, the story of this movie is top notch. The suspense and civil break down really capture what a Zombie movie should be.

Quick and the Undead: This movie is Sci-fi original movie quality. It was billed as a western Zombie movie, but it turned out to be just bad.

Zombie: This is a 1970's Itallian, B Horror Movie. Overall it was entertaining, and the investment to watch it is worth the shark vs. Zombie fight.

Quarantine : I watched this on recommendation from my brother, and I really liked it. The zombies in this movie are the Left 4 Dead infected type, instead of the walking corpse type. The movie has a very blair witch project feel to it, only much better produced with tighter story telling.

Shaun of the Dead: I had seen this movie before, and I really, really liked it. I found it for cheap and bought it a few days ago.

I should mention that there are also several Zombie movies in the netflix queue including: Fido, The Dead Next Door, Undead, Dance of the Dead, Tokyo Zombie, Day of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Dead Alive.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Along with the Left 4 Dead, this s another thing that has led Abigail to think there is a zombie obsession. Since I first heard about this book in January I have been very excited about it. I read it and I liked it. I will never read an actual Jane Austin book, because I think without zombies they would be dreadful. However, this work is brilliant. I really like how a classic work of english literature was transformed into the tale of a remorseless, bad-ass, Zombie killer.

Patient Zero My brother gave me this book to read, and it was a lot of fun. Patient Zero is essentially the literary equivalent of a popcorn movie. The best way to think of this book is what would happen if a season of 24 featured a terrorist plot to unleash Zombies on the earth.

Comic Books

The Walking Dead In January/February I took the van to Sears to get its tires replaced. While I was waiting a couple of hours I went to Borders and eventually found myself reading collected works of the Waking Dead comic. I instantly fell for this series, and I have found myself, for the first time since High school, regularly reading a comic book. The Walking Dead follows the trials of a small group of survivors trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness A while ago I read Marvel Zombies, which is a mini-series that takes the Marvel Super heroes and makes them all intelligent Zombies. This one shot introduces Ash from the Army of Darkness into the mix. It is really goofy, but it is fun.

Board Games

Last Night on Earth: Along with Left 4 Dead and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this is the third piece that has led Abigail to her assumption. I know I have talked a LOT about this game, because I think it sounds so cool. I finally traded for it, and I have been able to play it once. I hyped this game up for myself a lot, and I was not disappointed.

Zombie Fluxx This is another game I got in a trade, and I have played it several times. Zombie Fluxx is a very, very random card game that if not taken seriously is a lot of fun.

Humans!!! Since college I have had a game called Zombies!!! where people play humans trying to escape from a Zombie infested town. in Humans!!! people play Zombies trying to eat humans. Personally, I like Humans!! better, but a few weeks ago we managed to get seven people together to play Humans!!! vs. Zombies!!!, and I personally enjoyed it a lot.

So that makes up like seven months of Zombie consumption. Hopefully, in the next few days I will take the time to make another post about why like Zombies in the first place.


Blogger Jill said...

You and my husband should be best friends...seriously!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Corey said...

Sean- you should read World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, both by Max Brooks. Both are really entertaining (and informative for then the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens).

2:33 PM  
Blogger ButlerBowldog said...

Let's be honest. This is not just a recent enjoyment. I recall calling around to find a store where we could rent Land of the Dead...and that was well before Left 4 Dead. I'm proud to be a major encouragement in this "obsession".

6:08 PM  

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