Friday, February 27, 2009

The Complete Guide to Giam Part 1

In the 25 Random Things list that I posted about a month ago I mentioned the fantasy world of Giam. I originally created this world in third or fourth grade after seeing part of Clash of the Titans. When I played by myself I pretended I was a character known as the hunter. The hunter roamed the land of Meduka in Giam. Meduka was the land of monsters, and the hunter hunted them. The hunter was half monster though. He had red eyes and the ability to become invisible. The hunter's main goal was to kill the Medusa. From there the world slowly developed. This world has a whole lot of random influences that have been taken and synthesized together. Here is a mostly complete list of where I remember influencing ideas that were incorporated into this world: Battle Cards, Hero Quest, Middle Earth Role Playing Game, Unlimited Adventures video game, Magic: The Gatering CCG, Star Wars, R.A. Salvatore (specifically The Woods Outback and The Crimson Shadow series), Gladius video game, Mortal Kombat, and the Bible. For a while I have wanted to put down in words what I have developed about this world, so I might as well share it instead of keeping it to myself.

First a brief world history. I never created a creation story for the world. The world's history picks up during the "Golden Age". During this time the elves were the leaders of great kingdoms ruled by "god-kings." Never established if these kings were angels or just blessed with extremely long lives and divine wisdom. Essentially, the elves are a bit like the Israelites, in that they are God's chosen people. During the golden age the elves led the good people in an era of kindness. The elves, over time became arrogant and selfish and the great kingdoms began to diminish. While this happened, evil, greed, and fear grew. After several centuries of this slow fall, the Dark Lord rose. It was never defined who or what the Dark Lord was, but the dark lord was essentially evil incarnate. Based out of the fallen kingdom of Meduka the dark lord gathered evil creatures and began to conquer the world. In the cliche epic fantasy way, there was a big battle and the dark lord was defeated, but when he was he unleashed his greatest spell. Meteors rained down over all of Giam completely destroying the great cities. In addition to that a plague was unleashed that decimated the entire world's population, and Meduka became forever tainted with evil. All of Giam descended into anarchy and a dark age. 400-500 years after this event the world is beginning to emerge from this dark age, and it is in this time that many of the stories of Giam take place, and this time is the time of legends. This has probably gone on long enough, so part 2 I will post the map of Giam and go through what constitutes the world. I hope reading this has been half as fun for you as it has been for me to write it.


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