Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Zombies?

As stated, here are five reasons why someone should like Zombies.

#1 They are scary

When it comes to horror movies, Zombies are the only thing that I find to truly be scary. Psycho killers are still just people, monsters are fake, and vampires are blah. However, Zombies are scary because anyone could be a Zombie. There is something unnerving about the idea of the people you care most about becoming soulless husk that craves for your brains.

#2 They are apocalyptic
Zombie stories are really not about the Zombies, they are about the survivors. One of the things I like about zombies, is they provide a suspenseful setting to explore what happens when human society breaks down. A common theme in Zombie stories is that some of the living people are more monstrous than undead monsters.

#3 They allow for shotguns to the face
Violence is generally bad, but I won't lie I can find it entertaining. Violence against Zombies is the best though, because even the biggest pacifist could not feel bad about it, because you are actually doing the person a favor.

#4 They are like watching a train wreck
In general a lot of us have a morbid fascination with bloody messes. This is why torture movies like Saw are so popular. Personally I don't like those movies because it is unpleasant to watch innocent people tortured in horrible ways. Zombie movies are usually exceedingly gory because of this same morbid fascination, but for me that is ok because Zombies are already dead.

#5 What if . . .

Of all of the horror conventions, Zombies are one of the more plausible. Well not really, but it is easier to imagine that sort of "what if" scenario as opposed to a Godzilla like monster attack or other similar story. Plus there are five scientific reasons why a Zombie Apocalypse could actually happen

So there you have it, that is why I like Zombies and you should too. One final thing on this subject. Abigail went to garage sales this past week to get some really cheap infant clothes. I found some baby clothes as well, but I was told no:


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