Friday, December 10, 2010

The Games we Played This Year

December into early January means that it is time for end of the year posts! I am not a huge fan of math, but I do like useless statistics, especially when they are about me and the things I am interested in. The board game website that I am active on allows users to record plays of games. Thus, I can tell you exactly how many times I have played a certain game since December of 2008, the month I started recording all of my plays.

I complied a list that broke down the games I played this year month by month. You can see that list here: 2nd Year of Recorded Plays

If you want a more detailed look at what I played, and if you want to see where a lot of the time I spent writing for fun went, I made another list that compiled all of my writings such as game reviews and sessions reports. You can see that list here (as well as a couple of pictures of Connor): My 2010 Contributions


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