Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gen con 2010

Last week was one of the best weeks of the year: Gen Con week. I spent five days basically doing what I like the do the most which is play games.

If you want to know about my experiences, then I strongly urge you to go read this list: What I Played and Bought at Gen Con. The list is basically a complete list of everything I did at Gen Con, and it turned out to be a rather popular list so you also get to read the thoughts of others.

If you don't want to read the whole things here is a condensed top five (but you really should read the list!):

I do not really care for shopping, but when I have a lot of funds to spend on what I want it is a bit different :)
Earlier this year, I preformed a wedding and we agreed that the money I got from the wedding could be used for Gen Con. They paid a lot more than what we are kind of thinking, which mean I got a couple of more new games than I was expecting.

4. The Games of War
One of the events I played in was a miniatures game set in the Napoleon time frame. It used the rules from, the Games of War (which I wrote about previously). The author, who was running, the event made it a lot of fun and playing it that game really was a highlight of Gen con for me.

3. Playing board games 36 stories up
On Wednesday and Saturday one of the major things I did was open gaming. Open gaming is like it sounds. There are tables set up, there are games, and the tables are open to play them. The cool part of this is the open gaming was at the Skyline Club, 36 stories up in The Bank of America Building. It was nice playing board games with such a lovely view.

2. Settlers of America: Trails to Rails
The best part by far of Gen Con was that Abigail came on Friday. We had a lot of fun together. One of the things we did was play the New Settlers of Catan game. We both liked it and we met people who lie in the area that we might be able to get together with in the future.

1. Memoir '44 Overlord
This is one of the things I was most looking forward to. Memoir '44 is one of my favorite games. Usually Abigail and I play against each other, but in Overlord it becomes a 4 vs. 4 team game so we got to play on the same team. What makes it better is that we were the underdogs in the scenario and won!


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