Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top Ten Games I would like to play but have not

Since it is quickly approaching a month since my last post, I felt the need to write something. However, I got nothing. There was a forum post asking for the ten games that I have not played, but would like to. In some ways that is a hard question to answer for me, because the answer is everything. I like the experience of playing something new, so I am usually up for trying most games at least once. Abigail and I have both said how we wish there was a blockbuster of board games. Because she would probably be willing to play just about anything with me once, but she is not so big on the idea of buying the game to do that. Hopefully at Gen Con with the board game library we can do just that and rent some games we would like play. These 10 games are the game I would like to play the most, and if the price was right/funds were there, I would be willing to buy just for the privilege of trying them.

10. Frontline: D-Day
: Abigail and I both like card games. This is game that uses cards (with some counters) to simulate squad level combat. There are other similar games that do this, but this one seems to get the perfect mix of depth and accessibility.

9. Here I Stand: This is a monster game that takes a conservative six hours to play. It also simulates the wars and political turmoil of the Reformation. This game is praised for its brilliant play and historical accuracy. The game is fairly expensive at $60, but if I knew that I would be able to play through the entire game with my brother in law then I would go for it. He knows a lot about the reformation and he likes strategic games, so it would be a very enjoyable experience and well worth the price.

8. In the Year of the Dragon: This is basically a disaster management game, as each turn more and more disasters afflict the player and they try to survive as best they can. Once a month I try to play with a game group if I can, and the first two or three times I went this game was played but I did not get to play, just see it played. This has left me really wanting to experience the game.

7. Pocket Battles: Celts vs Romans: One of my favorite games is Memoir '44. The biggest problem with Memoir '44 is the set up time. Pocket battles has been described in multiple places as being able to play Memoir '44 in 15 minutes anywhere. That sounds like my kind of game. The fact that it can be bought for $10, means it is really just a matter of time before this one is bought.

6. At the Gates of Loyang: Abigail and I both like the game Agricola. This game is by the same designer. The description from the linked website says this about the game: "At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods by planting them and later selling them to customers. You can use the abilities of some helpers to increase your income or production." If that description is even mostly accurate, it is assured to be a game that Abigail would love, and I would love to play it with her. I really think when we go to Gen Con together renting this and playing it should be a priority.

5. Shootin' Ladders: Frag Fest: So here is the concept of this game: Gingerbread men who have escaped from Candy land are now trying to kill each other on a Chutes and Ladders board. Here is a session report of the game, that reads like a demented children's book (complete with pictures!). This game looks like a blast to play and I really want to experience it.

4. Glory to Rome
: Glory to Rome is a resource management game that is about building up Rome. It is also a card game. The main reason why I want to play this is because very often it is referenced as "If you like Race for the Galaxy, then you need to try this. .. ". Race for the Galaxy is our absolute, number one favorite game, meaning we really need to give this one a try.

3. Caylus: I really like worker placement games. In a worker placement game each player has so many workers, which they place on a board to allow the player to do a certain action. One of the games that really popularized this mechanic, as well as being considered one of the best worker placement games, is Caylus. It is high time I played it.

2. Hold the Line: As already established, I really like Memoir '44. This game is often stated as being similar to Memoir '44. However, the system is different enough to be a unique experience. It also simulates American Revolution battles, which would give a very different experience. Instead of taking up positions in terrain as it is in Memoir, this game is all about careful group maneuvers, cavalry charges, and holding the line.

1. Washington's War: Of all the games on the list, Washington's War is the one that I am probably most likely to get (with the exception of Pocket Battles). Washington's War simulates the entirety of the American Revolution. Outside of Risk and Axis and Allies, I have not played a tactical level game. This game has just about nothing bad said about it. The rules are simple, but the game offers depth, it has high replayability, and it only plays in 90 minutes. I have probably spent to much time reading about this game and I am so ready to play it.


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