Sunday, June 12, 2005

Scotland Day 1

Our "holiday" to Scotland began in Edinburgh. Image hosted by
It also began bright and early at seven in the morning, which is when we arrived at the airport. Now ideally what you are suppose to do is sleep for 3-4 hours on the plane so you won't be quite so tired on arrival. I however was unable to find sleep on the plane, and this lead to going 31 hours without sleep, the longest I have ever done. Anyway after a bus ride from the airport we walked to Hostel and checked in. From there it was straight up some steps and to Edinburgh castle. Image hosted by Seeing castles was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Scotland and Edinburgh was definatly the biggest. Unlike other castles, they have really done a great job at making it a one stop, all encompasing stop for tourist's stop. I did enjoy the Scotish war museum, crown jewels exibition, and the national war memorial. From the castle we walked the entire length of the Royal mile, stoping at several stores (of course). At the end was the HolyRood palace, but first because we had a pass that got us in, we went to an art gallery of Queen Elizabeth's personal collection. I didn't care much for it, but it was my first time to ever be anything resembling an art museum. HolyRood Palace is still the place that the queen stays when she visists Scotland.Image hosted by It was also the home of one of Abigail's old releatives, Mary queen of Scots, which is why she wanted to go there so that was cool. However, what I really liked about HolyRood was not the palace, but the ancient abbey that was originally built on the location. It is in ruins now, but it was still incredible. Image hosted by After we left the abbey I had my first pub experience. At this point the whole no sleep thing was really starting to hit me, and Abigail was tired as well. We decided to rest and get onto a city tour bus that allowed us to jump on and off. It was nice just to sit back and have somone tell us about what we were seeing. We jumped off for some cool pictures, and then jumpedback on to be taken through New Town. The bus finished it's route right at Prince Street, which is the main shopping strip of Edinburgh, so of course we had to check that out. We then jumped back on the bus and got dropped off on the royal mile, Abigail looked into a few stores she had not yet been in, and from there we went back to hostel to drop of the day's purchases (Abigail has Extreme makeover home edition inspired idea for a Celtic themed bedroom, and one of the thing she wanted to acomplish on this trip was to get all the decorations for this room, after I run through the entire trip I will talk about that in more detail). From there we decided to explore/find some place to eat and in doing so we got a bit out of the tourist central that is the royal mile and ate a pub on Grass Market street. I had my first (of many) British fish and chips exeperience. After that we went back to the hostel unpacked some, and fell asleep at the late time of 9 pm.


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