Monday, June 13, 2005

Scotland Day 2

So the thing about Scotland in the summer is the days are crazy long. The sun does not really set until just after 11 pm, and then the sunrises around 4:00 am. This inevitably led Abigail and I to be woken up every day between 4 and 6 because we thought it was way later than it actually it was (because it was perfectly light out!) Anyway, after being woken up early and falling back to sleep our day properly began around 9 am when we boarded the MacBackpackers bus. If any of you are ever planning on going to Scotland for any amount of time, then MacBackpackers is seriously the way to do it, the drivers are informative, funny, and the variety of things to do and see is quite high. We left Edingburgh and drove through the Fife to arrive in Dunkeld. Originally we were scheduled to go to a waterfall, but for what ever reason plans were changed to stop here. This was perfect for Abigail and I because we were already going to go to Dunkeld to see the Cathedral. Dunkeld Cathedral is really cool because it is really old. A church originally stood on the location as early as 586 AD. The cathedral itself was started in the 1200s and was modified and expanded up until 1551. During the reformation and the zeal to destroy icons the church was burned. The sactuarly was restored and reroofed, while the Nave never was. This led to a very unique cathedral that contains a beautiful, ancient sanctuary Image hosted by
And then a haunting but traquil ruin, all part of the same building. Image hosted by
Overall the cathedral is a very, very cool place. From Dunkeld we rolled onto Pitlochery and up into the hills behind the town to stop at Edradour distillary, the smallest distillary in Scotland.Image hosted by
Personally I did not care all that much about the creation of whiskey, but I did get to try genunie Scotish whiskey, and I must say that it is a lot better than I thought it would be. From there it was back to Pitlochery where we jumped off the tour and checked some bags at the hostel before going to the train station, and we boared the train to go to Stonehaven so that we could do a tour of the castle trail the next day (there is some forshadowing for you!) Anyway, the train ride it a two hour dealy in Dundee, so we went out and walked around only to discover Penguins in Scotland! Image hosted by
We finally made it to Stonehaven, which is a little costal town. We were staying at a little bed and breakfast right on the coast, and thanks to a small mistake on their part we got a great view. The first thing we did was obviously go down to the beach and snap pictures, while Abigail pilfered rocks (it is a compulsion she has). Image hosted by
We then walked around and explored the town. It was really cool because I seriously think we were the only Americans there. We went back, unpacked our stuff, discovered British TV is just as obsessed with reality shows as U.S. tv and then ended the night with an evening walk on the beach.


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