Saturday, January 05, 2008

Top Ten Memories of 2007

If I have anything that could be considered a blogging tradition, then this list is it. 2007 was a very fast year for me, anyway. It really felt like it just flew by. However, it was a good year as I think this list (arranged in the standard descending order for dramatic effect) will show:

10. Beating Mass Effect
If you are reading this then you read my blog regularly (or you got really lost on the interwebs), so you already know about my new undying love for this game. Mass Effect stands as the single best story I encountered this year, and that makes it very memorable.

9. Todd Agnew Concert
Well it was sort of a concert. Their generator that powered all of their stuff died, and Todd Agnew was left to basically make stuff up which he did very well. It was kind of like the old VH1 show where they just put musicians on stage with a stool and let them ramble and play whatever.

8. A funeral
My grandmother (mom's side) died in 2007. This happened almost a year ago, and makes for the only unhappy memory on this list.

7. Straight A's
In the spring semester of 2007, I emerged with straight A's. While I had come close twice before, this was the first time I had ever made this accomplishment.

6. Jr. High mission trip
This year the Jr. High at Epworth went on a legitimate mission trip. We were suppose to help destroy a building, but instead moved a play ground for a church in Elizabeth Indiana. Also, for those of you who are familiar with Unity Chapel, you may not realize that it is an absolutly incredible place to play Capture the Flag!

5. Epic Gears of War Win
Gears of War is a video game, and it is a game I play with a group of adults. Anyway, there was an online league in this game that we participated in. In one game I was on a "second string" team (the really big hitters were already in another game), and we ended up playing the most foul mouthed, ill-mannered group of teenagers I have ever ran across. They did nothing but trash talk, cuss, and be down right mean the entire match. We battled them to the last round (it was best three out of five) and we won. Victory had never tasted so sweet!

4. Star Wars Exhibit
Over Fall break this year we went to Chicago with Abigail's parents and went to a Star Wars Exhibit. Despite very, very annoying traffic getting there, the exhibit was really cool, and it was fun to see some of the props and costumes close up.

3. Dinner Theater
I really like to act, and with the exception of the occasional skit, acting is something I have not done since high school. Epworth put on a dinner theater this year and I took part, playing the bad guy. It was a lot of fun, and I got a big ego boost when someone asked me (in all seriousness) what school I received my acting training at. :)

2. Mississippi Mission Trip
With the Sr. High youth I went to Biloxi Mississippi this summer to help rebuild from Hurricane Katrina. It is amazing how much work still needs to be done. What is also amazing is how much work we got done. For five straight days the teenagers happily worked 8-10 hour days.

1. Washington Vacation
We originally planned to go to Daytona Beach on vactaion, but we ended up finding some insanely cheap plane tickets to multiple destinations. We picked the furthest destination from Indiana and ended up in Washington State. We drove through beautiful mountains, sailed on a big lake, watched the Mariners beat the Red Sox, and saw a whale. A good trip indeed.


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