Monday, May 26, 2008

Top 25 Games of All Time

The Epic countdown continues:

17. Star Wars Battlefront (PS2)
Star Wars Battlefront warmed its way into my heart almost immediately. I played the demo for hours. This is the first game that I took off work to play, and the first day I played it I played Hoth as the Empire. I drove an AT-AT, shot down a snow speeder and then with my next shot blew up the shield generator. The coolest part is that the music synced perfectly with the movie at this point! If it were not for the sequel stealing so much of my attention and time, this game would be higher on the list.

16. Battlefront 2: Modern Combat (PS2)
Battlefront is the game that Star Wars Battlefront stole borrowed its gameplay from. In Battlefront the goal is to capture points on the map. The team can spawn from these points, and getting a majority causes the opponent to lose their reinforcements faster. I played Battlefront online very competitively, and it is probably the only game ever where I was truly one of the best. I very regularly was the high scorer on any given team.

15. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2)
This is one of the dozen or so games I got paid to review. At first I did not like the single player, but slowly I got drawn into it, and by the end really liked it. However, what really made this game for me was the Monkey Hunt mode (catch monkeys hidden on levels) and the online multiplayer. Online Metal Gear is very unique, and to date might be the only game where a player can lay down a Playboy, hide in a cardboard box, and then shoot someone who stops to stare at the magazine.

14. Rock Band (Xbox 360)
I have zero musical talent. Seriously, a big fat zero. However, this game makes me feel like a Rock Star, and playing it with Abigail is some of the most fun I have ever had playing a video game.

13. The Orange Box (Xbox 360)
This is arguably the best value ever. I started playing Half Life 2 with some skepticism, but found myself thoroughly enjoying it, and by the end of Episode 1 I was completely and totally hooked into the series. In addition to that Portal rocked my world, and taught me an important life lesson: "The cake is a lie"

12. Civilization III (PC)
I have only played this game to completion three times. All three times it dominated my life. This turn based strategy game is the perfect storm of elements to be the equivalent of cocaine to me. Seriously, the last time I played it I did not move for over eight hours. I got rid of the game after that.

11. Gears of War (Xbox 360
By number of days played, this is my most played game on the 360. I have currently played Gears of War on 185 unique days. This is mostly because I have a group of people I play with who are really into this game. I really like Gears of War because it has the perfect mix of tactical combat and in-your-face visceral fighting.

10. Soul Calibur III (PS2)
At one point in my life (like middle school) fighting games were my favorite. Sadly I am not very good at them. Soul Calibur III is excellent because it has depth, but it is also fun to button mash (I fall somewhere in the middle). I also loved the single player mode, called tales of the souls or something like that. I ended up playing through it three times.


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