Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shamelessly stealing posts

Yes, you may have read a similar blog here. If there is something is kind of known as "my thing" it is being known, for unique and fun T-shirts. Of course this does create a tension with my better half, and she does occasionally veto shirts that I think are oh so awesome, like this one:

However, what follows are five shirts that I need. They all come from, and fit me and my "style" (if you can call it that very well).


Browncoat is an reference to Firefly/serenity, and I really do need the quote on the back on a T-shirt.


This shirt is totally an inside joke, that you either fully get when you see it or don't. I imagine wearing that shirt and getting a bunch of odd looks, until someone gives me a knowing nod, and we share a moment together.


Boomsticks are indeed zombie repellent, I figure wearing a shirt like this would sort of be a public service announcement.


This shirt really makes me laugh, I especially love that it is signed "-v"


freaking awesome! I think I am going to consult the law budget and see if I can click on the buy button.


Blogger ButlerBowldog said...

The Zombie Repellent shirt is quality and needs to be added to my list. That is awesome. The others fit you well...I still owe you a birthday present, right?

7:39 AM  

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