Friday, January 02, 2009

Top Ten Memories of 2008

Happy New Year to all. With 2008 over and 2009 beginning it is time for Abigail's favorite annual blog post that I make. Overall, 2008 is the closest think I can definitively say as an "ok" year in my adult life. There was nothing really bad about the year, but there was enough stuff to kind of drag the overall annual experience down. The first half of the year was plagued by the fact that Abigail and I did not see each other much due to unaligned class schedules. The second part of the year was plagued by health problems that put me waiting in an emergency room twice in a month's time. In between these bookends was a summer that saw host to falling trees and basement flooding. To top it off, I had a bit of a professional downer as I had to cancel a few big youth group events. One for a chaperon dropping out and two for lack of participation. Despite that, I am not really complaining. It was still another year that I got to be alive, and despite the previously mentioned setbacks, the year was still over all positive.

10. True Deep Dish Pizza
This is a late entry to the list. At the end of the year (Dec. 30th to be exact), Abigail and I went to Chicago for the day. The reason for this trip was to have true Chicago style deep dish pizza. We had originally talked about doing this over Abigail's fall break but due to her fall that did not happen. So we went to Gino's East for the pizza. It was good, excellent in fact. However, in my mind Noble Romans Deep Dish is still the kings of pizza.

9. A Winner is me!
I am morally opposed to eating competitions. Outside of the occasional dare to eat something spicy, or eat more white castle's than my brother (Worst. Idea. Ever.), I avoid them. However, this year someone had the idea to have a pie eating contest to raise money for missions. As the church youth minister I was told I was participating. A common known fact about me is that I am a fast eater, and when I try to eat fast the results are quite frankly inhuman. Needless to say I "won" by a mile.

8. Crazy Weather
If you live in central Indiana, then you know this June was one for the books. I read somewhere that we had a 500 year storm. That storm managed to flood our basement and take down a tree. The clean up of the basement was annoying, but it was memorable.

7. Not Being Crazy
As part of the ordination process I got to be psychologically evaluated not once but twice this year. The good news, is I was found to be perfectly sane and normal both times! I was also excited to officially find out that my personality type is INFP

6. Youth Group Mission Trip
I suppose as long as I go on these, they will make this list. This year we returned back to the Mississippi coast. What made this trip extra special for me is that a young man we know as Moon got to come. Moon and his brother were very involved in the youth group for a couple of years. They moved back to South Korea in August, so I enjoyed spending this trip with him.

5. 5th Wedding Anniversary
Abigail and I reached five years of marriage in 2008. To celebrate we took a weekend get away to Holland, Michigan. I think I am good not every going back to Holland, but the trip was friend and the company was unbeatable :)

4. Stephen and Amanda's Wedding
I got to be a groomsman for a second time. I felt honored being asked and I greatly enjoyed taking part in this wedding. It was a good ceremony, and it was very nice to see and spend time with so many people. A month or so after this wedding, I got to see most of those people and some others at Andrew and Coleen's wedding.

3. Rock Band Nights
One of the true highlights of this year has been playing Rock Band with Abigail. We have roughly played the game together 75 days this year. Several of those days were marathon sessions that lasted late into the night (and once or twice on a school night). If I were to pick out a single memory related to this it would be the night that we purchased the Jimmy Buffet track pack, played the heck out of it and then late at night went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for drinks and Chocolate covered nachos. In case you are curious if we have a favorite song from Rock Band that we play the most, it is probably one of these two

2. Gen Con
For the past two years before this one, I did not go to Gen Con because of the price. However, this year Abigail worked really hard to convince me to go, and I am so glad that she did. I had a TON of fun this day. There is no reason to recount in detail here why it was fun, if you are curious you can read about it here.

1. Florida Vacation
My number one memory from this year is the vacation we took to Florida. We stayed at my Uncle's Condo and did almost nothing which was excellent. The whole week was great, but the biggest highlight was that Abigail humored me and actually attempted to ride a wave. Abigail HATES water in her face. I really can not stress how much she dislikes it, so I was shocked when she decided to this. It did not last long, but it happened.

So there it is. 2008 is in the books and nothing but memories. Here is to a great 2009.


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