Monday, January 18, 2010

What I want to do this Year

I am not really one to make personal goals. I am not an anal-retentive, Type A type of person. I do not set my eye on the prize, or any of those other cliches that go with making goals. The problem with making goals, especially out of the things that I am going to write about is it takes something that is suppose to be fun and turns it into an obligation. So these are not goals. These are not things that are part of some check list. They are however things I would like to do this year, and these are things that will not "just happen" they will take a purposeful effort. However, these are all things I genuinely want to do this year. If I accomplish any of them, then that is great. If not, then I suppose there is always next year. . .

1. Get Published Again
In 2006, when it rained it poured. I had always wanted to be professionally published, and it happened. A game of mine made it into a youth ministry magazine, and I was paid by a website for several video game reviews. In 2008, there was a small blip, when an article I submitted to a website made their top ten list of best resources, but that only sort of counts. For the most part, since 2006 I have not even tried to get published again. In part this is because seminary occupied a lot of time and mind share. However, if I am being honest I also did not try again because I did not want to fail. I had made it once, and I knew that odds were that I would not follow up with another success immediately. The youth group magazine still has an open submission policy, and there are some devotional resources that I can attempt to submit to. I want to do it, and the worst they can do is say no. . .repeatedly.

2. Make my own boardgame
Back in May of 2009, I wrote that I wanted to do this last year. To be fair, I kind of did. I made up a Zombie card game, that had customizable elements. I created prototype cards, play tested it, tweaked, and discovered the game wasn't very much fun. While the balance was not quite right, the last time I played it the game pretty much worked like I originally envisioned it. Unfortunately, when put in practice the idea did not work to well. Mechanics that were suppose to create a feeling of tension, created more annoyance. The game was suppose to be about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, but the mechanics of the game felt more like sliding counters on an abacus. I have a lot of other ideas, and I want to bring one to fruition. Even better, there is a website called The Game Crafter. This works like book self publishing, only it is for board games. Which means after I create my game, I can pay to have it actually created professionally.

3. Read a History Book
I really do like history. However, with the exception of the books for my church history class, I have not read one because I chose to for a while. Reading for Seminary can be blamed for this, but half way through this year, I will have been out for a year. So it is high time I read a history book. I have one about the history of war in Scotland, that I think will be a perfect selection.

4. Get Good at Frisbee Golf
I live right next to a frisbee golf course. Last Summer/Fall I got to play a decent amount and my throw was really starting to improve. I hope to play A LOT of Frisbee golf this year. Since we live so close, and Abigail wants to walk with Connor in the park I do not see why I shouldn't play at least once a week.



Blogger Adam B. said...

1. In what magazine did you get published? I want to hear about the game!
2. I have some ideas i've been wanting to talk to you about. Have you played Tales of the Arabian Nights?
3. Go for it. =) i don't have the interest there (although i'm sure i would learn a ton!)...
4. It's technically called disc golf, but call it whatever. =) I have been playing only recreationally since i was a teenager. I do like it. I even got to participate in last year's Corporate Challenge playing disc golf!

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