Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busiest Summer Ever

So my last blog post was over two months ago . .. oops.  I have a good reason for the long delay though.  Since my last post I have done the following:

1.  Attending Annual Conference
2.  Took Sr. High youth to Huntsville Alabama for a week long mission trip
3.  Spent a week watching Connor while Abigail started a new job
4.  Spent a week doing "Boot Camp" and introduction to youth group for 7th graders
5.  Spent a week away as a co-director at church camp
6.  Took a group of 20 people on a Canoe and Caving trip to Southern Indiana.
7.  Attended Gen Con. 

It was an extremely, busy, crazy summer!  I do not have the time or energy to re-cap everything in future blog posts,  many of these events will probably make my top ten list for the year.  Now that the craziness is behind me and I back to just normal busyness, I hope to post a bit more regularly again. 

To get started, here is a link to a list that details everything I did at Gen Con this year:  What I Played and Bought at Gen Con 2011


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