Saturday, April 02, 2011

Gen Con Events :)

Gen Con is one of the highlights of my year.  Along with open gaming and a huge dealer hall, one of the big draws of Gen Con is getting to play in events.  These events allow me to compete (such as last year's Race for the Galaxy Tournament where I finished second) and play games I would not normally get to play (like miniatures and RPGs). 

Back in January, I posted a list of things I want to do this year, and that  list is off to a great start.  One of the things on that list was run events at Gen Con, and I am going to be able to do that because the events I submitted were approved!

So if you are going to Gen Con this year, you should play in at least one of my events.  I am running a Pulp fiction super hero Role playing game and a Wild West miniatures game.  If you are not going to Gen Con, then sometime between now and August, you should play one of these two games with me so that I can practice running them.

Here are the descriptions of  what I am running: 

Event Title: Showdown at High Noon
Game ID: HMN1118329 (Historical Miniatures)

Start Time: Thursday @ 6 PM
Duration: 3 Hours
System: Tombstones n' Tumbleweeds, 1st Edition
In the old and lawless wild west, adventure is never far. A gang of bandits has ridden into town for a stick up at the State Bank. At the same time the local sheriff has rounded up a posse to go huntin'. The outlaws and lawmen emerge in the streets at the same time as the clock strikes noon. Which side will you choose? This game will use Disposable Miniatures from Precis Intermedia.

Event Title: The Society of Crimefighters
Game ID: RPG1118331 (role playing game)

Start Time: Sunday @ 11 AM
Duration: 4 hours
System: Two Fisted Tales, Revised
It is 1938, and the Society of Crime Fighters is doing what it can to fight for justice and be a beacon of light in a dark time. However, when the Society finds out about a crisis on a secret government Zeppelin, their skills will be tested as they get dragged into a plot that takes them to the heart of Nazi Germany! This game of high action and adventure evokes the feelings of pulp fiction and golden age super heroes.


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