Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gen Con 2011 Hype!

This past Sunday was event registration for Gen Con opened up, and I signed up for events.  I was already at a really high level of excitement for Gen Con, but now that has gone even higher.  I am really looking forward to those four days in August.  I am still trying to find the best balance for the perfect Gen Con experience.  Last year I participated in 9 ticketed events.  This year, I will be taking part in 12.  This increase was a conscious decision, because last year I felt like I spent to much time meandering around the great dealer hall.  There is a LOT to do and see in that main hall, but it is also a huge time sink and it can become very easy to just end up spending a lot of time doing nothing but walking around. 

While you may or may not care about my plans are, I am super excited.  Posting my plans is my way of sharing the excitement :)

So here is everything I have planned right now for Gen Con.

On Thursday, I will begin the day bright and early by playing in a Zombies!!! event.  In two of the past three years, I was signed up for a Zombies!!! event but canceled both times.  This year I will start with it.  This is suppose to be a Zombies game played on a 3D board, and using some new rules for Giant Spiders they are play testing.

The next event I have on Thursday is a Warhammer: Invasion tournament.  However, right now I am slightly worried.  The "real" tournament is on Saturday, but Abigail will be with me on Saturday.  Despite being good at the game, she does not want to play in the tournament and she does not want to wait on me to play, so I am playing in the "practice" tournament instead.  Unfortunately, as of right now I am the only one signed up for it.  Hopefully, that will change.

Assuming, I do not go far in the tournament at 1pm I will go to a Malifaux rules demo (if I miss the demo it is ok, because it was a free ticket).  Malifaux is a "weird" west miniatures game that I think look really neat.

The next event I have on Thursday is a full game of Dust Tactics.  This game is a miniatures game/board game hybrid.  I am assuming since this event is being run by the company that makes the game that we will be using the pretty pre-painted models.

The final event that I am doing on Thursday is the one that I am running, which is also a miniatures game.  This one, Tombstones n' Tumbleweeds, is a Wild West games.  In it two players will play bank robbers trying to get out of town while the other two players play a lawman posse.
I need to play this game several times over the summer so that I have the rules down inside and out, so if you would like to help me out and play a game that would be awesome :)

In a lot of ways, Thursday is my miniatures day.  I love miniatures games, but Abigail really dislikes them.  This means I do not get to play them very often, so I am getting my fix on Thursday.  If the Warhammer: Invasion tournament ends up not happening then I will probably try to find one more miniatures event. 

On Friday, Abigail will be with me and we are going to begin in the morning by playing a learning game of Empire Builder.  Empire Builder is a train game that is part of the "crayon rail" series.  Abigail has really wanted to play a crayon rail game, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to do this together.

We do not have much scheduled during the rest of the day, so that we can take in the dealer's hall together.  In the evening, we will be playing in a Memoir '44: Overlord game together.
Memoir '44 is one of our favorite games, and Overlord is a really great way to play it.  We did this last year, and had a blast.

We actually have a hotel room next to the convention center on Friday night so in the evening we will not have to drive home.

On Saturday the day will begin with another miniatures  game.  One of my highlights last year was playing a game ran by John Bobeck, author of the Games of War.  The only event that he was running that did not conflict with anything else was at 9:00 AM.  It will be a 90 minute small squad game set in Vietnam. 
I am really looking forward to it.

We will not have anything planned until the mid afternoon the rest of that day.  At 3:00 PM we will get to play a game of Small World: Underground
 Small World is one of my favorite games, and this is the sequel.

After Small World we will then play in a Race for the Galaxy tournament.  Race for the Galaxy is our most played game, and it is one we are both decent at.  Last year we played in a tournament for this game, and I finished second. 

Finally, on Saturday we will end it with the "Mayfair Open Gaming Shindig.  We debated between getting a library pass for Saturday evening or doing this, but our biggest fear with the library pass is we would have difficulty finding a game we both wanted to play.  Plus, it cost more AND we would not be able to use all of the hours so it felt kind of wasteful.  This Mayfair event will have snacks, give us a glimpse of some unreleased Mayfair game, and get some open gaming in. 

Of course, for our Friday and Saturday plans to work, we have to find someone to watch Connor first .. .

On Sunday I plan on once again going to the Gen Con Christian worship service.  After that, I will be hosting my RPG event, The Society of Crime Fighters.  This game will last a good four hours, so that will pretty much take me to the end of Gen Con. 

That is all of the scheduled events.  Along with what is scheduled, Abigail and I plan on demoing a lot of games in the demo hall.  I am most excited about checking out Fortune and Glory at Gen Con.
This is a game made by a company who has a couple of other games I really like.  The game is made to emulate pulp adventures (like Indiana Jones), and it looks really good.  We will also spend a lot of time demoing Mayfair games so that we can collect the Catan resource ribbons.  Every year Mayfair gives out ribbons for trying their games, and a complete set earns people special Catan promo items and a 50% off coupon.  

Now I just have to wait for August to get here.  However, since June and July are SUPER busy I think the time will probably pass fairly quickly. 


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