Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Game Concept

At Jr. High youth group in April, we will be using a Super Hero theme, as we talk about Jesus as part of the Lent curriculum.  For the first week I wanted to play a game where they got to be superheroes, and I thought a board game would be a good way to do this.  Unfortunately, there are only a few Super hero board games.  However, all of these games had to be ruled out because of price, availability, or accessibility.

I came up with my own idea for a super hero game.  I will not be able to make it for the beginning of April, so at youth group we will play a video game (Marvel vs. Capcom 3).  However, I think that this game has a lot of potential.  I am going to try and explain what I am thinking, so  let me know what you think?

The idea of the game is that each player will control a hero that they created.  The winner of the game is the one who reaches a certain level of hero points.  Hero points are the both the victory points of the game but also the currency, to make heroes stronger, re-roll dice, etc.  Hero points are earned by fighting crime and defeating super villains. 

At the beginning of the game, an evil plot will be selected.  Each plot will have a super villain associated with them.  The easiest way to get hero points is to defeat the super villain.  However, doing so will not be easy as other conditions will have to be met.  Each evil plot has sub missions, as the Super villain tries to gather the pieces needed to fulfill their evil plot.  Some of these sub-missions might be to defeat a lesser super villain in a certain area of the board, or to make a certain skill roll in a certain area, with-in a time frame.  Completing these sub-missions will make it easier to complete the plot.

While, the best way to get a lot of hero points is to defeat the super villain, it is possible  to get hero points through other methods.  Each time a player moves to a space they can encounter it, and fight crime.  Some spaces have pre-set encounters while others require drawing from a card deck. 

Instead of moving and completing missions/encounters, heroes may also use their turn to train or draw Heroic cards.  These heroic cards can be used at various points for bonuses or character specific missions, that help make the story of each hero unique. 

That is an overview of the game.  The game play is attribute and dice based.  There are three attributes:  Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.   Each hero will have a rating, that the player will pick using a character creation system.  For example, each player may have 12 points that will divide up among the attributes.  When encountering spaces, players will have to make attribute checks.  For example, to defeat a minor villain may require a strength test of 9.  For each point a player has in that attribute they get to roll a six sided die, and the goal is to beat the number in the test.  Hero points can be spent to up the number or even add an extra die, and in certain circumstance super powers that heroes have picked in creating their character can be used as well. 

This gets to the last part of the game with the character creation process.  To prevent players from always creating the same type of hero and playing the same type of game, Super heroes will be get super powers using a draft system.  So each player will get dealt four super powers, they will keep one and pass the rest.  The final card  is discarded so that each player has three super powers available.  Each super power has a point cost, that players will have to allocate from their available super power point pool.  Plus, super powers have attribute requirements, so that the super powers players get will determine the direction their heroes go.  It is also possible, to spend super power points at a 2 to 1 ratio as attribute points, so that a hero could have super human attributes. 

That is the basic idea of the game.  I think it could be very thematic and really capture the comic book feel in a fairly accessible game that still has some strategy and tactics to it.  In most games like this, the characters are pre-created so being able to create an unique super hero each game would be very original and unlike any other game out there. 

Hopefully that was not to hard to follow.  So what do you think, does that sound like a fun game? 


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