Monday, January 16, 2012

What I want to do this year

Even though the first month of 2012 is half over, the year is young so I still have time to post this.  Last year I posted five things that I wanted to accomplish in 2011, and I did 3 out of 5 of them.  Overall that is pretty good I think.  Off that list, I hosted an event at Gen Con (which I hope to be be doing again this year).  Last year, I posted that I wanted to write regularly, and I got off to a good start to discover that, actually, no I did not want to write.  So I can cross that one off the list.  I also had on the list that I wanted to make my own game, and I did that as part of a board game design contest.  So as  I look ahead at 2012 and think about what steps I want to be intentional about in my life here is what I am thinking:

1.  Ride More (still)
This was on the list last year, and sadly I have to put it on the list (again).  I still have a bike, and once it warms up I have ZERO reasons why I should not get it out and ride it regularly.  Last year, in the Spring it was kind of hard to make time with the inflexibility of Abigail's job.  However, with her new job that is not the case.  Also, every time I thought about it I would make lame excuses like I do not have a water bottle attached to the bike, so I will get to thirsty.  The simple fact is that I am either going to do it or I am not.  This needs to be the year that I do it.

2.  Create a Board Game (again)
So last year, I technically accomplished this one.   However, while playable the game was not the best.  This was in part because it was created for a contest that had set perimeters about what kind of theme and mechanic the game had to have, plus it only had a three week time span to make the game.  I want to make a game that is good and playable.  I want to make a game that is good enough that I can list it on boardgamegeek as a print and play game or even publish the game through the "do it yourself" website  I have two ideas for this game.  One is a super hero adventure game that I have blogged about before.   The other is a game that has a character creation system and tries to capture a Call of Duty feel as a board game.  I used a very rough version of this second idea as part of a youth group lesson.  The lesson worked well, and the game worked well enough to convince me there might be something to it.

3.  Play Through All of Our Games
Abigail and I are attempting to play through all of our games in a year.  Not only that, but I am attempting to document our progress with mini reviews and session reports.  We are making good progress.  The reason why this post has been delayed is because I have spent my free time writing about the games we are playing instead.  Our game blog is starting to get a little bit of a following, which is really exciting.  I know I have already posted the link, but here it is again, please follow our progress:  Too Many Games!!

4.  Read All Four Gospels by Easter
Since on this past Sunday, I encouraged 400-500 people that they should do this, I had better make sure that I do as well!  There are still like 84 days before Easter, so this should not be to hard as long as I keep up with regularly reading the Bible.

5.  Listen to Music More  
I know that I do not listen to music anywhere near as much as most people.  I also know that compared to most people, music is mostly unimportant to me.  I am not the kind of person who "needs music to survive."  That being said, I understand the importance of music, especially for young children.  If I want Connor to grow up appreciating music then I need to make sure he is hearing music.  Which means I need to make the conscious effort to listen to it more (plus when he dances it is adorable).

6.  Begin playing an RPG
Between my experience with the writing project and running an RPG at Gen Con, I realized just how much I miss running a role playing game.  I really love  the creativity of creating a story and then bringing that story to life on the fly with other people.  I am really hoping that throughout the course of this year, I can recruit people and get a causal game going.  


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I played some D&D for the first time back in October and really enjoyed it. I'd be up for that if that's what you mean by RPG.

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