Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Want to Do This Year

So last year I posted a list of four things I wanted to make a point of doing in 2010. I batted .500, so by baseball standards I did awesome! I did successfully read a History book and I did succeed at greatly improving my disc golf game. By the end of the Fall I was hovering right around par at the Avon course for 18 holes. I did not get published again. In fact, with in a few weeks of writing that I honestly did not think about it during the entire year. I also did not successfully make my own board game. However, I got a really good start. I came up with an idea that I think is worth pursuing and I wrote a rough draft of the rules. I started working on a prototype, and then Abigail started school back up.

So this year, I have thought of what things I would like to accomplish this year. At the heart of these things is wanting to find balance. From August-December, Abigail and I really struggled with getting the balance right between working, being parents, being a couple, and being ourselves. We know that this balancing act does not get easier and we are starting to learn how to do it. All of these things I want to do this year are only possible with the proper balance.

1. Create a Board game
This is the third year, of wanting to do this. And this is the year! As already mentioned, I think I have an idea worth pursuing. So I will pursue away and make it happen this year.

2. Write Regularly
I have already taken the first steps to fulfilling this one. It is fully my intention to update a serial story twice a month. I already got it started, if you have not done so then you should really go read it!

3. Ride Regularly
Last year I got a bicycle that was made for riding on roads, and for about six weeks I was really good about riding it fairly regularly. Each time I went out I pushed myself a little further. Then, I had a really busy beginning to June. After that it was miserable hot. Then, Abigail started school, and it kind of just sat there. I probably will not do anything until Spring, but I want to be much more serious and more importantly regular about bike riding.

4. Run an Event at Gen Con

So I first went to Gen Con in 2008 for one day. Each year I have ratcheted up my experience. This year I am going to go through the process of trying to run my own event. As evidence to this blog, I like to create things for other people to experience. As of right now, I am making plans to run two events. The first is a Western Miniatures game and the second is a pulp heroes RPG. I am sure if I get this set up I will post more information, but if you are reading this AND you are going to Gen Con you should make plans to take part in these events (so at least one person does)

5. Read the Bible for a 3rd time
Now that does not mean I have only read it twice. There are some books like Romans, Ephesians, and 1 John that my reading of might be close to triple digits. By my count I have read the entire bible 2ish times. I have to say 2ish, because on the second time there are definitely parts of the Old Testament that I skimmed more than read. Like (I would hazard to guess) most Christians I have really over-emphasized the New Testament in my Bible Reading. I need to remedy that, and I am excited to see how Christ is revealed in even the most obscure passage of Old Testament law.


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