Thursday, August 26, 2004

Someone finally made my perfect game!

Well actually i have many perfect games. For example, Culdcept is fairly close to my perfect game since it is a customizable card game that has board game elements and requires only one purchase. However, this time i am referring to Star Wars: Battlefront. I got to play a demo of it today (and I will do so tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday, and so on and so forth until Sept 21st) and it was so perfect. This game qualifies as my perfect game for several reasons. First, it is a military multi-player game that is completely based on capturing the field. I know this is similar to Battlefield 1942, but I have never played that so I relate it to Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the levels where the goal is to capture the flag points (which were always my favorite). The game is clearly created to be multiplayer, but since I do not have acess to online play :( it has a single player mode with competant bots. The controls are really good, the unit diverstiy is great as well. Overall it is really fun! However what makes it is the fact that it is Star Wars! It feels like Star Wars, it sounds like Star Wars, and most importantly for a Star Wars game it doesn't suck (and for the one or two people who I know that think it is going to be like Rebel Assult 2, it is so, so much better). Being able to be a scout trooper on a speeder bike shooting ewoks is quite literally a dream come true. And when I was able to be a rebel soldier pop out of some foliage and shoot a storm trooper guarding the shield bunker was a perfect fanboy joygasm.


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