Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How I got in trouble . . .

Well, I didn't really get in trouble, but here is what happened:

At youth group on Sunday I am taking the teens through the book Celebration of Discipline. This past Sunday the topic was submission. As part of this I had them spend the entire time hand-cuffed to another person. In all of the activities they had to rely on each other and help each other, and this demonstrated the discipline of submission because you have to give up part of your freedom to help someone else. One of the mutliple activities they had to do was a trust walk involving blind folds. Now skip ahead a bit to the Bible study part. Instead of just reading to them Bible verses of submission, I had them make posters of certain verses. One group had a verse from the last supper and did not take it to seriously. They drew a stick figure representation of the last supper, and because it amused them they put someone laying on the table. So at the end I am runing a little late, so I gather all of my stuff and just sit on a table figuring I can put it up early in the week, before boy scouts use the room. Thus, I had a on the table five pairs of hand cuffs, bandanas tied as blind folds and at the top of a stack a picture of someone laying on a table and since it is non-detailed stick figure one could interpert that this stick figure is bound, this image is make complete by the word submission written at the top of the page. Anway a pre-school teacher (and why she was in there, I don't know) was concerned. I don't know if she thought some weird S&M parties were going on or what, but that is how I got in "trouble".


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I am now *strongly* considering buying you a cheap trophy with "2004 Champ of the Year" engraved on it. Just need to hit my $3 price point.

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