Thursday, September 30, 2004

Top Ten Battlefront Moments

Yes, I am still talking about Star Wars Battlefront. It will definatly become one of my all time favorite games, because it is really awesome, and I have to share the love. Be warned, the geekiness of this post is through the roof, so if you do not expose yourself to such things or are incapable of reading such things, just stop

10. Playing as a droideka and rolling down a street in Theed just to pop out and turn on the shield and start blasting everyone.
9. Street fighting in Mos Eisley. Imagine what would happen if you made a Star Wars version of Blackhawk Down and you will know what this level feels like.
8. Stealing an AT-ST Chewbacca style
7. Playing the battle of Genonosis as a clone trooper and advancing with a bunch of other clones into an advancing group of battle droids, while Episode II music is playing. It looked and souned exactly like the movie!
6. Shooting Jawas
5. Only slighltly more fun shooting Ewoks
4. Playing as a scout trooper and taking a speeder bike through Endor
3. Most satisfying of all, shooting Gungans
2. Destroying the shield generator. Not only destroying the shield generator, but first shooting down a snow speeder and then the shield generator, once again with the music and thinking this is just like the movie.
1. Holding a command post with little health, and hopelessly outnumbered but being able to survive because your sniper wife has your back. Co-op rocks!

Speaking of Star Wars, I got the DVD set (like I would be able to wait). While, I have not watched them to see the new changes I did watch the Episode III special features, and I was sad because there were two of them but not one scene of actual, for real Episode III footage. However, they did show quite a bit of practicing and actual takes with a green screen of the fight between Obi-wan and Anikan, and just from that short bit it definatly looks like it will be the best lightsaber fight ever. Hopefully the rest of the movie will be decent too.


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