Friday, September 24, 2004

Mission Acomplished!

For any long time readers (riight) you are aware of my continued and unwavering mission to convert Abigail to a gamer. It started with Burnout 2 and from there I was able to get her to play the rather simplistic space invaders. I thought that Abigail's gaming interst was going to max out at Hack-n-slash co-op, but I was wrong. She actually likes Star Wars Battlefront! In fact she spent about 2 hours tonight playing it all by herself. This is very important for two reasons. Outside of Tetris and Solitare she never plays games by herself, and Battlefront is a FPS and up until now she would not play first person shooters with me. This gets me giddy with assignment because we could hypothetically (and finally. .. ) get get a broadband connection, then we could play battlefront together online and be Clan Johnson.


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Burnout Three

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