Monday, September 06, 2004

I'd Reckon I might just be killin' some varmits

So Abigail was gone this weekend, and to help pass the time I rented a game. Sadly the top three games I wanted to rent were all gone so I ended up getting Red, Dead, Revolver. The game is set in the Old West and is made to emulate the old Western melo-dramas (the one where people fight in bars, on top of trains, etc. not the singing cowboy ones). In addition to that, I have also been playing Wild ARMS 3. Which is a RPG also with a Western setting. While, this hasn't made me want to start listening to country music and ride horses, I do want to watch some Western movies. Specifically, the Magnificent Seven because I have never seen it and I know it is based off of the Seven Samuri, and I want to watch Unforgiven. I have not seen it since I was like 11. Other than that, I have just been enjoying the fact that today is labor day.


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