Monday, October 11, 2004

I thought I was going to a concert

but it turned out to be a worship service. This event of which I speak was a Casting Crowns "concert". For those of you who automatically hate all over-hyped, over played songs (especially over hyped, over played Christian songs) then you no doubt know who Casting Crowns are, and probably don't like them. Well you should, because they are cool. Despite their songs being overplayed, the lyrics are deep and they seem very genuine. Which is why I don't feel like it was a concert. Especially compared to the Third Day concert we went two months or so ago. At the third day concert it felt like the main point was to entertain. However, the main point of Casting Crowns was to share the gospel. Their entire concert led up to that and it was cool. Also considering that the lead singer is a youth pastor and the band feels that it is more important to use their talents for a local church then any kind of record deal really just makes them feel very genuine.

I should mention that the concert was in Evansville and we traveled 100 miles to see them because they are Abigail's favorite band. I should also mention that we went six hours early for a quest to find shoes (which were not found, very typical of the opposite sex). However, it was worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesomeness, Seanxor! Glad you guys had a good time. ^_^ I love concerts like that.


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