Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Perfect Day :)

Average days are well average. . . bad days are always to frequent. Good days are unique but (hopefully) happen semi-often. However, a perfect day is a great rarity and should be treasured. Today was a perfect day.

It began with waking up at 10 am, which is always nice. I then worked on my Masked Banditz story level, but stoped because in the process I came up with the idea for a really cool general level. I then left to go play in the church basketball league. It was our last game and we lost, but I played incredible. We only have five people so I had to play the whole game. I scored 10 points, and they were all from drives and rebounds (Yes, me the shortest guy on the court scored 4 points from rebounds!) I seriously did things (like a mid air pump fake) that I don't think I have ever pulled off successfully. After that, I came back and worked on my map more while I cooled down. Abigail and I then went to get groceries at Wal-Mart. While there, they had a new display of $4.88 DVDs we looked in it and found Clue: the movie. I LOVE this movie, and I have seriously been looking for it in DVD bargin bins for years. On top of that, Wal-Mart finally had a decent Star Wars display, so I got some extremely cool new Star Wars figures including an amazing Anikan Skywalker
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After we put the food away, we took advantage of the perfect weather and went to the local park and sat beside Indian Creek and had a picknic while we finished planning out our trip to Scotland. We came home and Abigail had fun with doing her detailed travel planning (which makes her just super happy anytime she gets to do that) and I finished the map I started this morning, and I think it is the best Timesplitters Map I have made ever (even though no one who reads this has the ability to download maps for the PS2 it is called City of Ra if you are interested in trying it). I am getting ready to get down on paper everything for church tomorrow, and conclude this perfect day.


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