Monday, March 21, 2005

My computer got the sniffles

Well actually it was a bit more than the sniffles. I am not sure what the appropriate comparrison would be, but the names of STDs keep coming to mind. Anyway, we knew that in the past some fairly nasty Spyware/Adware had ended up on our computer. For the most part it was kept in check, but it eventually got the point that we could not use Instant Messenger. On Friday, after like three weeks of all being quiet on the Western Front, Abigial turned on the computer to see an explosion in Pop-ups. I tried running adware and spybot to root out the problems, as well as manually finding problems that they seemed to always miss, but it wasn't much help. Even without access to the internet, junk files assosicated with a spyware program kept being created and using up all available system resources. When restarting the computer I got a blue screen of death, multiple times and on top of that the computer failed to start up in safe mode. I decided it was time to get help. So we took it back to Field's computer services (the guy who fixed it when it blew up). He used his fancy expensive software and got rid of of 10 trojan programs and 1 virus. Everything seems to be better, but there are still a few quirks that the computer has picked up since this all started. Let this be a lesson to you though (or rather to me), don't take links from strangers!


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