Friday, April 01, 2005

I have not posted a whole lot lately because . ..

I have been to busy posting over here:

I figured the majority of the people who read here, wouldn't really be that interested in my swooning over a game. In case you don't follow the link, the game in question is Timesplitters: Future Perfect. If you like to shoot things and have any next generation system you need to get this game. The variety in it is incredible. Not only is the single player story have a lot of different gameplay, but there is the return of the arcade league and the challenges. The challenges are probably the coolest because they are so unique. For instance one has you racing a remote control cat, and another involves the Canadian sport of Curling with monkeys (now you know why some monkeys have blue bottoms). However, the part that really got a hold of me hard is the mapmkaer. Those who lived with me at the Hazearts, might remember that I got into the mapmaker on Timesplitters 2 a good deal (though Allen did a bit more, and his maps were cooler, like one that was a huge open room that kept collapsing into smaller levels). The mapmaker in this game is better and has more space. On top of that, it is possible to post maps online and download other user maps. This feature is increible. I would guess I have probably downloaded and played close to 45 maps by this point, and I have made several as well (I currently have 5 available online). I had been saving a gift certificate since Christmas time for this game, and it was so worth the wait!

I have to point out that about a week before I got Timespitters, Abigail's birthday present to me arrived in the mail. It was (another) video game: Brothers in Arms. This is probably one of the most realistic and accurate console games created. It is a ton of fun, though I have not devoted as much time to trying to beat the blasted last level as I might want to because my free time has been devoured by Timesplitters. The multiplayer in Brothers in Arms is really good in theory but in practice online it isn't so much ,because the developers sort of droped the ball. However, I would love to play it split screen, if anyone wants to drop by at some point. . .


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