Sunday, July 10, 2005

On Location

I am once again not at home. Abigail was in a wedding of a friend from high school this weekend, so on Thursday we left to head back up to Highland (less than 24 hours after Abigail got home from Floridia, and it sounds like she got back just in time). The wedding was a Catholic wedding, so it was also my first experience with a Catholic mass. It was interesting, and I did like how some elements felt very sacred and very ancient, but I understand that they do the same thing every single Sunday. . variety is the spice of life (and worship). We are leaving Highland today to go to Indianapolis where Abigail has job interviews. She currently has two interviews scheduled for Monday and one for Tuesday but she is trying to get a second one for Tuesday. We then return home for a two weeks before attempting to move. This has become and absolutly crazy summer!


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