Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nostalgic Gaming

Journey back with me to just over four and half years ago (holy crap! has it really been that long?) I was in my second year in college living in the very cool (and super cluttered) room 003 in the Powell Hall Basement.. It is the second semester, and this semester was really, really hard on me. Up till this point, I had done most of my haning out with three people: Adam, Carrie and (of course) Abigail. The second semester saw Adam go home for the semester, while Abigail and Carrie were in England. On top of that, I had the worse set of classes that semester (not they were overly hard, they were just crappy classes). On top of that, I had a whole lot of personal issues that I needed to sort through. Now there is a very high likely hood that all of these issues would have converted into a high level of stress and I would have cracked under it all ( I definatly bent some that semester!). However, my sanity was preserved by having a great new room mate move in. Just as Abigail and Carrie were off to England, Stephen was returing (freshly scarred if anyone can remember that far back). Now along with being a really cool room mate, he introduced me to a game that I clung to as a life preserver. That game was none other than Quake III
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I daily (some days hourly) took all of my stress and frustrations and blasted all of it at bots in the form of hot plasma balls. I can not guess how much time I put into that game, but I can promise you that it was highly theraputic, and according to Penny Arcade, endorsed by the Almighty.
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Quake III not only made a hard semester easier, but if there is any game that turned me to being a "hardcore gamer" this was the one. Now it was not gazing through a year book that dregged up these memories, no I actually got the game. The game was adapted and modified for the PS2, which I got today. As soon as I could, I put it in and played CTF on the level in space with all the jump pads ( I know at least Stephen is with me on this one), and instantly I was teleported back to Powell 003, surrounded by the happy feelings playing then gave me. *Sigh* If only all vivid trips down memory lane could be bought used for less than $10 and have a high replay value . . .


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