Saturday, August 20, 2005

A website I probably shouldn't go to . . .

because it will make me want to irrationaly spend lots of money. I saw an advertisment for it on the back of a Military History magazine I got in the mail today. An Axis and Allies miniatures game sounds freaking incredible. I watched the demo and the rules are ultra simple. (if you can see the enemey and are in range, shoot by rolling X amount of dice all four or higher=hit, if the number of hits > than unit defense rating, it is two hits, = to 1 hit. Three hits and a unit is dead). This is another one of Wizards of the Coast collectible miniature games, which means it is ultra expensive to get enough pieces to make strategic armies. The only thing stoping me from going and selling a kidney so I can buy a starter set and booster case (that would be 12 booster boxes) is that I won't have anyone to play with (I probably wouldn't actually sell a kidney. . .just plasma and bone marrow). It is probably for the best though I suppose (sigh). While at the website, I also viewed the online demo for Axis and Allies: D-Day. Same Axis and Allies system, only on a smaller scale. The game looks awesome, but once again I have no one to play with. They also had a game that reminded me a lot of Zombies, called Betrayal at House on the Hill. In the game you design the haunted house, just like you do in Zombies and explore it, then at some point one of the players goes crazy/gets posessed and tries to kill the others while they escape. The game sounds like mad crazy fun. Sadly, it requires three players to even get started, so there is even less chance of ever playing that one. Like I said, I should probably never go to that site, because not only do I have impulse to buy, buy, buy it is also a bit depressing.


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