Saturday, August 27, 2005

Um, yeah so what's up?

I know I have not had a real post here for a week, and that one was probably a little weak. I don't have a whole lot to say. I am trying to get going in my new job, and it feels like a big rock rolling down a hill, things are going slow now, but I know I am picking up speed, and I have a feeling in a few weeks everything will be rolling. I also got re-certified in CPR this week, and I am not certified to use a difibulator, so go me I guess. Abigail and I saw the Brothers Grimm last night, and it was alright. The story was good, the script not so much. The plot and characters really could have gone deeper, but they just didn't. It was a beautiful movie to watch though. Also, this weekend brought an end to a year long search and I finally found a FPS controller at an EB Games in Fishers
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Along with having buttons down on the handles so the thumbs stay on the sticks, it also features programmable controls, so even if a game doesn't allow me to customize my own controls, the controller will. This is good news since I prefer a slightly unusual setup, and I can now make all of my FPS games have the same control set up, which is just awesome.


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